Frosinone-Cosenza 0-1, report card: Brescianini rises and pleases his team; Case inspired but not enough…

Frosinone-Cosenza 0-1, report card: Brescianini rises and pleases his team;  Case inspired but not enough…

FINAL RESULTS: Frosinone-Cosenza 0-1


Turati 6 – Makes little intervention but keeps the department safe with high exits and foot play. In the second half, he looks over an omelette with an empty exit. He can’t do anything about Brescianini’s goal.

Oyono 6 – He contributes in the sprint phase, approaching the goal in the first half. Also be careful with labeling. Good for right and left.

Lusion 6 – Excellent play by central defender Grosso, very attentive and accurate on Zilli. He does not give up an inch to the end and repels many attacks. Too little Delic for a goal.

Shiminski SV S 16′Kalai 6 He enters almost coldly, but immediately behaves very well: he is attentive and punctual in his interventions.

There are 6 – A good match for the left-back, he alternates a good defensive phase with punctual overlays. In the first half, he receives a nasty blow to the face from Nastya. from 16′ Frabotta 6 He pushes a lot and also comes to the end, no luck with the injury. C 75′ Montericis St.

Jelly 5.5 – He runs a lot and fights in the middle of the field, but he can’t get out of the way and find a part of the field that he can take for setting up.

Boloka 6.5“He is a reference point for his teammates: he manages very well all the balls that happen to him, he directs the rhythm of two phases, he puts all his talent to good use.

Garritano 6 – This is a crazy fragment that runs and crushes the board, marks everyone and gives up very few places. from 46′ Insignia 6 – It has a positive effect on the match, gives a lot of spark, but never brings it to the end.

Baez 5.5 – A lot of quality to the right and in the strait, but lights up intermittently, often lost in performances for their own sake
from 60′ Muleteers 5.5 – Little involved in the game, very little touches the balls.

Moor 6 – A game of great sacrifice for someone who fights his opponents and tries to pick up his teammates. In the first half, he hit the crossbar with a beautiful shot.

Case 6.5 – He is a thorn in Viali’s side: he runs, aims and jumps at his opponents, but it’s not enough to avoid defeat.

Fabio Grosso 5.5 – His team struggled in the first half due to organized pressure from Cosenza. The second half, everyone pushes, but the imbalance pays off in the final. No luck with a double injury on defense; a double center forward is not enough to score a goal.

Mikai 6 – He interferes little, but is always very attentive and good at commanding the defense

Martin 6.5 – Very cautious play for him in the cover phase, Caso’s dynamism suffers a bit. from 72′ Venturi 6 – Entering the field with the right concentration, well kept on the case.

Vaisanen 5.5 – He tries to use his experience against Moro, but he doesn’t always succeed. Difficult to set up.

Meroni 6 – Accurate in closings and readings, always puts well on goal and crosses, dominates in the air.

D’Orazio 6 “He pushes a little because of the presence of Baez, fights a little in one-on-one situations, but holds the position well.

Voice 6 – Lots of dynamics, but the games are always horizontal, not vertical. S 93′ Kahlo St

Brescianini 7.5– He is the most enthusiastic in his team, manages the game well and controls pressure from teammates. He tries to insert himself in order to surprise the opponent’s defense, in the final he finds the winning goal with a beautiful circle with his left foot, which leaves Turati no way out. Second winning goal in a row.

D’Urso 6 – He tries to boast of frequent and punctual descents, but his initiatives do not translate into real dangers. So much quality in the service of teammates. from 64′ Cornvi 5.5– He really wants to do something, tries to team up with his teammates, but can’t find the right place to do bad things.

Florence 6.5 – He is one of the best in his team, both as an attacking midfielder and as a left winger, making himself dangerous from crosses and dribbling. In the first half, he also reached the goal from the edge blocked in two stages by Turati.

You were born 5.5 – Varies along the front, but this does not bother the defense of Ciociaria, she never manages to be in front of the goal. from 73′ Delic 6 – Enter the field with the right spirit, the goal comes from his initiative in the open field.

Zilli 5 – He does not participate much in the attacking maneuver, he never manages to free himself and win back the ball cleanly.
from 63′ Up to 6.5 – Didn’t participate much in the second half, sacrificed a lot on the cover stage, but Brescianini needed a proper assist in the final.
William Avenue 6.5 – I prepared very well for the match, slowing down Frosinone’s maneuver with high and well-organized pressing. However, in the offensive phase, it is lacking, the two attackers do not talk much and do not become dangerous. In the second half he fished well off the bench, Delic and Finotto actually collected the ball for the goal in the match.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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