“I want to understand: was it Kukulyak’s technical error or were there other motives?” – Member of the “Dynamo” Gafin Board of Directors

“I want to understand: was it Kukulyak’s technical error or were there other motives?”  – Member of the “Dynamo” Gafin Board of Directors

Member of the Moscow Board of Directors “Dynamo” Dmitry Gafin said that the results of the review of the judge’s actions Evgenia Kukulyaka in the match against Zenit they should be open, I also want to understand if there was a technical error on his part or if there were other motives.

Earlier, Dynamo CEO Pavel Pivovarov suggested that referee Kukulyak could be tested on a polygraph due to an unawarded penalty against Zenit in the FONBET Russian Cup match. The main time of the meeting ended in a draw 1:1, the “white and blue” won on penalties – 5:4. ESC RFU President Pavel Kamantsev told that Kukulyak received a very low mark for his work, he had dropped in the mark and would not be able to qualify for a appointment for some time.

– ESC RFU recognized Kukulyak’s decision in the Russian Cup in the game against Zenit as wrong. How did Dynamo react to this?

– Dynamo, in their official statement, said the club were happy with the swift and unequivocal decision. The whole country had no doubt that the solution had to be just that.

The only thing we would like is to understand the referee’s motives, why he didn’t award a penalty. And not just for us – after all, it was broadcast on a federal channel. There was a great resonance. I want to understand: is it a technical error or were there other reasons?

Recently, a member of ESC Gvardis said that they are disassembling inside themselves [этот момент]but keep the results to themselves. I would like to continue to be more open – not just to us, but to all football fans who have seen this episode. What could be the secrets in such a situation?

– Colleagues wrote that recently there was a meeting of the referee management with Spartak. Is Dynamo planning something similar?

” I do not know.

– Do you need it?

– Listen, we want to repeat it – we are for consistency in judicial decisions. If there is a line, it must be maintained. With or without encounters, I would like to understand how we are judged, what interpretations of similar moments are used by our judges. So far we don’t quite understand that,” Gafin told .

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Source : MatchTV

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