Pisa-Benevento 2-0, report card: great goal by Moreo, failure by Leverbe

Pisa-Benevento 2-0, report card: great goal by Moreo, failure by Leverbe

Final result: Pisa-Benevento 1:0


Nicholas 6 – He only gets his gloves dirty during the warm-up.

Estevez 7 – Benevento’s attitude allows him to push at will without meeting any opposition when he aims, this man is more like an attacking winger than a full-back. is moving forward.

Caracciolo 7 – This Benevento in the attacking phase is too little to bother one of the most experienced central defenders in the category. He perfectly supervises the area of ​​​​competence, in no way inferior to Simi, Pettinari and La Gumina.

Calabrians 6.5 – So much specificity and physicality, in parts nothing goes through. D’Angelo’s choice was rewarded, surprisingly throwing him into the fray instead of Beruatto.

Beard 6 – In Benevento he left a piece of his heart, but today there is no place for sentimentality and the glasses must be returned home. He contributes by playing early and in position.

Toure 6.5 – Guarantees the usual physicality in the center of the field, in the phase without possession puts himself on Acampora and limits the range of his actions. Moreo’s assist was superb, he relinquished the title due to injury. From 52′ Beruatto 6 – His exit allows Pisa to close more and sting more in counterattacks.

Nagy 6.5 – Start the game with a double recovery in a standing ovation hill, when that’s enough to energize teammates and fans and let Benevento know it’s going to be tough to get into Arena Garibaldi. Exhausting work at the stage of lack of possession.

Marine 6 – He dives between the lines to confront Farias and not give him one on one in an open field, a task performed to perfection. In great shape.

Morutan 6 – Alive, real, strong-willed, when the ball is at his feet, it always gives the feeling that he can think of something. C 75′ Sibilli St.

Glizzy 5.5 – Pastina follows him everywhere, Tosca is accurate in doubling and advancing. Result? Quite a difficult day, consisting of a lot of movement, but no shots on goal. from 60′ Torregrosa 6 – His assist on Tramoni’s goal.

Moreo 7 – He tries after 100 seconds, the ball is just wide, but a great movement between the central defenders of the Giallorossi. Score the first goal with a great header. Valuable even on inactive vs. balls. from 60′ M. Tramoni 7 – From Benevento, as when a bull sees red. Last year, he scored in the 95th minute to give Brescia a surprise victory, this time he lowered the curtain in a one-sided match, confirming that he is, in fact, the full owner of an attacking department full of qualities and alternatives.

Luke D’Angelo 6.5 – He was afraid of Benevento and prepared smartly for it, asking his team to manage the rhythm, not force the game. 2-0 is the result of a content and character test.


Palearic 6 – Two easy rebounds and two missed goals that he can’t do anything about.

Tuscany 5 – His appearance has changed little, the team continues to concede the same goals.

Levers 4 – He doesn’t do anything to make his former fans miss him. He loses his mark on Moreo, he loses position when Tramoni doubles. And, in order not to miss anything, he is also kicked out in the final. Catastrophic

Pasta 5 – He doesn’t make too many mistakes and is not to blame for Moreo’s goal, he tries to follow Gliozzi closer to midfield and generally holds him well. He receives an avoidable yellow and will miss the next league match due to suspension. From the 45th joy 5 “He’s not at the top and he starts from the bench and takes over and tries to put some effort into it. He watches helplessly as Tramoni slips away and scores 2-0.

Fulon 5.5 – One of the very few who has touched enough, at least he tries with some crosses or with a shot from a difficult position.

Improta 5.5 – He constantly pushes forward, but his teammates serve little and poorly.

Acampora 5 – There is nothing to do when it is not during the day, the whole team suffers. I’m unloading.

Skiattarella 5.5 – He participates very little in the offensive phase, tends to hold off physically stronger opponents who create problems every time they increase the pace. He covers some passing lines close to his own penalty area well, but rather intermittently. S 72′ Koutsoupias St

Karić 5 – He has a good chance from the edge of the penalty area, but he shoots with all his might and gives the ball to Nicolas. After receiving a warning for the most classic tactical fouls, he stayed in the dressing room at halftime to avoid risk. From the 45th Combs 5 – Who saw?

Farias 4.5 – In the testimony the day before, the former Nocherin was spoken of as a “false nine”, instead he acts behind the attacker with the task of creating numerical superiority. Completely anonymous test and devoid of noteworthy clues. Unsuccessful. from 65′ Carfora 5 – Of course, he could not change the face of the match.

Symi 5 – An interesting idea at the beginning foreshadowed a day that was finally less sleepy, but in the end the apathetic footballer returns, who for these two years throws into the bucket all the good things that have been done in Croton. Of course, playable balls fly towards him with a dropper… With 65′ Gumina 5 – Anonymous half an hour, to say the least.

Roberto Stallone 4.5 – Worst performance of the season by Benevento beaten by Pisa with minimal effort. Zero shots on goal, zero shots from a disadvantage, some dubious options and an attacking department that is in huge trouble. His hand has not yet been seen.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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