Sudtirol-Spal 2-0, report cards: Zaro, amazing double. Strikers are fighting

Sudtirol-Spal 2-0, report cards: Zaro, amazing double.  Strikers are fighting

Final result: Sudtirol-Spal 2-0

South Tyrol
Polluzzi 6 – Always very confident in his performances. It should also be added that SPAL does not find a goal mirror in its capabilities, if not rarely.

briefly 6 “An easy matchup for a full back who always stays very low to give another chance to come out from the bottom.

Zaro 8 “He opens the game in a very auspicious way after a completely wrong shot by De Col with his right foot. Then, almost unexpectedly, he finds his personal double in the second half with a header. Not bad in markings on La Mantia.

Massello 6 – A solid performance, with experience and, as always, as a leader. If Sudtirol defends well, it also has to do with their way of defending.

De Col 6 – Enters Zaro’s gate action, making a pass after a right leg kick that would most likely land in the back. Enterprising left.

Tite 6 – In the first half, he is very organized and organizes the team, giving his time. In the second half, he falls as SPAL starts to accelerate, also receiving a yellow card 13 minutes into the second half.

Belardinelli 5.5 – It was a bad afternoon for the Sudtirol midfielder, who received a yellow card at the end of the first half. He was replaced at half time. From 45′
Slave 6 –

Rover 6.5 – A bit anonymous in the first half. In the second half, he takes over the chair with an excellent shot to the position between the midfielder and the winger in midfield. His assist for Zaro’s second goal. Since the 90s Carretta sv.

Casiraghi 6.5 – An unexpected return to the field. It takes a few minutes to regain feel for the ball, but when he makes contact, he becomes furious on the left. Alfonso’s super interference deprives him of the goal. S 90′ Davi St.

Cisse 6 “Called in as a substitute for Mazzocchi, he tries some ideas in the box, but he never made himself dangerous. C 75′ Siega sv.

Odogwu 6 – A game of excellent tactical intelligence, but he also does not have important moments for scoring. C 78′ Larrivee St.

Pier Paolo Bisoli 7 – This team became a reality in Serie B and earned three more points thanks to Zaro’s unexpected double. So Bisoli continues to dream.

Alfonso 6.5 “He can’t do anything about Zaro’s two goals, but he beats Casiraghi by avoiding a triple.

Dieckmann 6 – All Spala’s actions, especially in the first half, go through his legs. It drops a bit in the second half when Sudtirol also closes the sidebands. from 69′ Cornflower 6 – Puts two interesting crosses.

Arena 5.5 – Dominant header, but not enough to avoid Zaro’s two heads. He came close to scoring on more than one set piece.

Mechanic 5.5 – Difficult race for him. Odogwu physically devours him, at the risk of punishing Sudtirol. Luckily for him, the referee didn’t notice the contact.
Celia 6 – SPAL pushes very little from the left, and maybe a shame, given the final game of the left-back, who is one step away from 2-1.

Kontilian 5.5 – First appearance of a midfielder in Serie B started by Oddo. Personality is lacking, but experience is definitely there, especially in such a delicate role as a midfielder. C 84′ Dalle Mura St.

Murgia 5.5 – There is no order in his performance. He gives time, but it doesn’t.

Zanellato 5 – Look for some central solution to lure the Sudtirol defenders out of the area, but with poor results. He is also very wrong technically. from 59′ Meadows 5.5 – Zaro loses for a double goal.

Fetfacidis 6 – He’s Spall’s understudy, and with his left-hander, Emilian’s side came close to leveling the score in the first half. The most inspirational, but also a little unlucky. From 85 Moncini St.

Master 5 – He has three important chances from a free-kick from the edge of the penalty area, all three crossed. Maybe it’s better to leave them to Fetfatzidis? from 69′ Reds 5.5 – The first ball will touch him in five minutes.

La Mantia 5.5 – He manages to turn the only playable ball of the match towards the goal, after which he disappears. But it’s definitely not his fault.

Massimo Oddo 5 – Tough result for his team’s approach to the match, but this championship taught us that with Sudtirol there can be no recession in ninety minutes. There is something to work on in the attack.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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