Parma, Pecchia: “Little by little, I take responsibility”

Parma, Pecchia: “Little by little, I take responsibility”

The declarations of cross country coach Fabio Pecchia, made public after the Como-Parma match, are valid for the thirtieth day of the BKT Series championship.
“A little of everything, a little inspiration. When you do a little bit of everything, you can’t win matches and you can’t compete, so I take responsibility. But today is too little and many times we left the field in a different way, but in fact too little. Cause? So you can’t race, you can’t be competitive. Today it is, many teams are leaving tomorrow, but from Tuesday we will recover and we must start again with a different mindset.”
“Playoffs? We have to think about how to win as many games as possible. When there is an attitude, we overcame it many times and managed to do something with a certain speed. And performance comes too. Today we can’t hold on to anything. The goal is to get the team to do something at a high level with continuity. Let’s get back to the discussion of continuity, but it could also be just maturity. And we need to address this issue, because not repeating performances at a high level is also a habit, mentality and maturity.”
“Como won the game, they scored a great goal with Cherry. And then the match continued with dignity Como. There were opportunities, there were restarts, we were in a hurry, poor quality. We did not use the situations that arose. Como’s attitude changed after the first goal, and the gaps became smaller and smaller. Exile? Looking at it from the bench, it seemed over the top, it’s true that Cutrone had a clash with Circati. But I believe that if he had given a yellow card, no one would have complained. Stop? We need to recover, almost 50 percent will leave with the teams. Those who stay will have time to work, recover and start again with strength, anger and the necessary enthusiasm.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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