Brescia, Gastaldello: “If we don’t win, what’s the point of looking at other teams?”

Brescia, Gastaldello: “If we don’t win, what’s the point of looking at other teams?”

Daniel Gastaldellotechnician Bresciasaid at a press conference after a heavy 3-0 loss to Genoa: “How can you still believe in salvation? It’s not in my nature to give up and think that all things are negative. I told the guys that in Serie B. Anything can always happen, this is an open championship: the teams that were behind us now overtook us, but we can overtake them again. match: the first half played on equal terms with a team from another category. We were punished by episodes: you need to eliminate mistakes, because you pay for such teams, I told the boys this week. I didn’t see Genoa, which crushed us or humiliated us because of the intensity : They made the most of the opportunities they had.”

Aye and Bianchi haven’t scored for ages: how do you solve this problem?

“We try to work with our heads, we try to put them in game situations for a week already. We had fewer chances than at other times, but we tried: we need to improve in the last twenty meters, not only with attackers, but also with midfielders and full-backs. You can’t give up, but keep working: this is a very difficult period, but I don’t let anything break me.”

Have you thought of a different way to play, given that no new attackers can come?

“I’m happy with the players I have, I don’t want to think about anything else. Today I asked Rodriguez and Galazzi to play closer to Aya, sometimes they did. With the arrival of Adrian, we switched to an attacking midfielder and two strikers, I tried to change something. Let’s not forget that we had an important team ahead of us, and it was not easy to deal with it. With the score 0-0 in the 45th minute, everything would have changed. There are options, you can try to make some changes, but not everything is going well.”

Why was Galazzi replaced?

“No injuries. I wanted to play with an attacking midfielder and two strikers. Adrian is more of a playmaker than Galazzi, who in turn is not a striker compared to Rodriguez.”

What is the mood in the locker room?

“After such a result, there is some despondency. Now we have a couple of days to get over the disappointment, and then we will get back to work: we need to think about self-improvement, there are still many points ahead. captures, so we will try to win as much as possible. It is difficult to comment on a 0-3 draw, but in my opinion, this is too wide a result for the game that was.”

How is President Cellino handling this ongoing dispute?

“We are all in the same boat, it is not that he is to blame, and we are doing well. We should try to row everyone on the same side to try and make a difference. It is useless to think about the guilty or about someone who needs to be saved, especially this situation does not save anyone.

Are you still thinking about immediate salvation?

“I didn’t look at the standings or at the results of other matches. The distance to direct salvation does not interest me. If we don’t win, then what’s the point of looking at the rest? my team is about doing everything possible to win matches. At the moment there is no point in looking at what others are doing.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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