La Nazione: “Perugia, it will be a long race to save”

La Nazione: “Perugia, it will be a long race to save”

“Gryfo, it’s going to be a long race to the rescue” – headlines Nation.

Perugia will perform on stage in Cittadella (14:00) after a week’s break. Coach: “Even those in front have to be careful.”

And now we need to start over. From Tombolato di Cittadella, Perugia should return with glasses, possibly heavy ones. Because he is facing the first of five rescue clashes in which Grifo will be the protagonist in this final push. After a forced stoppage last week that thankfully didn’t change much in the standings, leaving Perugia ‘safe’, Kastori’s side are called to resume their interrupted journey away from home in a distant away match in Bari.

“The numbers are made to refute them. We will try to reverse the trend of away games already in Cittadella,” said the red-and-white coach, who took advantage of the break to restore some important players.

“We took what the situation had in store for us,” Castori said. – It is clear that we then tried to intensify work where there was something to recover from, and used the break to restore physical and mental strength. I meant Angella, Di Serio and Ekong, we will not take Olivieri, who is not yet ready, in addition to two suspensions. It helps to have the whole squad, it is difficult for us to recover 100% in just 4 days. Cittadella, we’ll have three home games and having all or almost all of the squad will count.”

For a red-and-white coach, the rating is anomalous, but the race to the rescue is not limited to six teams, concluded in two points.

“The leadership is temporary, I don’t think the rescue ends with the last 6 teams. Even those in front need to be careful. There are still thirty points available, and there are a lot of them, I think those who are ahead of us cannot yet be considered calm ” […].

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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