Udinese 3-1 Milan, report card: success is impregnable. Invisible devil, Pioli in difficulty

Udinese (Patrick Yiannarelli’s report card)
Silvestri 6.5 – Brahim Diaz’s pointless save was overruled by handball, Ibrahimovic’s penalty save was overturned by VAR. However, he makes several decisive interventions such as Leao’s withdrawal.
Bekao 6.5 – Leo is always an inconvenient client. Physically or by his position, he severely limits him, and Milan’s game suffers greatly.
Bijol 6 – Of the three central defenders, he makes the most mistakes: he fouls from the penalty spot, fights with Ibrahimovic, a couple of times the Swede runs away from him. In the final, he recovers, helping his team win a fundamental victory.
Perez 6.5 – He endures three to four initial outbursts from the Salemakers, then when Udogi goes down, he manages to take action well. Then he begins to falsify the balls in advance and limits the maneuver of the opponents.
Ezibue 7 – Sacrificial match, as in the diagonal defense against Ballo Tour. The second time he is applauded in the 70th minute: he enters the far post from behind and closes the match with a light tap. from 88′ Ebosele St.
Samardzic 7 – He steals a vital ball from Tomori, which leads to the Friulians’ first goal. From that moment on, the Rossoneri midfielders failed to stop him. C 73′ Lovric 6 – He is in the middle and his teammates have already put him on the right track.
Wallace 6.5 – He puts his physique into this, as soon as he sees the target, he tries even at a distance. He dictates the time, returns the balls: the life of a midfielder.
Pereira 7 – By touching the first ball, he opens the match: a poisonous turn and a Friulian advantage. Then he counts circles, measures steps, plays the usual game of quantity and quality. from 81′ Arslan St.
Ugogi 7 – He starts by picking up speed in the left lane, but as he sinks, the Rossoneri are thrown into complete disarray. Only a goal is missing, but the execution is on top. from 88′ Seegelaar St
Bet 7 – He does a lot of dirty work, especially in the first few minutes. Sides and counters, in the first half of the final, he breaks away from the Thiaou markings with proper timing and a mockery of Meignan.
Success 7.5 – In the first 20 minutes he sacrifices himself for the sake of the team, then he becomes impregnable. Assistant at 2-1, crushing acceleration on the third goal: this becomes a nightmare for Tomori. S 73′ Thauvin 6 – He makes himself available to the team, controls decisive balls in decisive minutes.
Andrea Sottil 7 – We needed a victory, we needed internal success, which was lacking for six months. The match attacked in the best possible way, even a draw and protests with subsequent removal did not affect the almost perfect match.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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