“You also need to be able to replace yourself properly.” Komlichenko told how he earned a penalty for Rostov

Before “Rostov » Nikolai Komlichenko told what is the secret of his success in getting a penalty in the matches of the Russian championship.

Komlichenko helped the team get a penalty in the RPL WORLD ROUND 20 game with “Khimki “(1:0), which was directed by Maxim Osipenko.

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– Yes, there is no secret; I see the moment when the defender is already preparing to get the ball out, and a bit tricky, I guess. There’s probably some sort of skill I’m seeing right now that you can substitute. The problem for the defenders is that they don’t see me somewhere, because I’m often behind my back or elsewhere. I repeat, this is not a simulation, you must also be able to substitute yourself correctly. Can this skill be acquired? No, maybe it comes with experience. Tyukavin also knows how to substitute well.

The score is insufficient, I agree, it was necessary to increase the score much earlier, score and make the game calmer. We ourselves are dissatisfied with the game, Karpin bubbles, I completely agree with him. Maybe now there will be an analysis, because we have to beat with more confidence those teams that remain in the minority. We collectively relaxed somewhere after the withdrawal, we have to win such matches with more confidence,” Komlichenko told .

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Source : MatchTV

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