Manchester United idol slams Antony

Antony, Manchester United’s right winger, received heavy criticism from one of the club’s recent idols regarding the way he treats opponents on the pitch

Dimitar Berbatovidol of Manchester United at the beginning of the 2000th century, made severe criticisms of Antony in relation to the performances of the Brazilian with the jersey of the Red Devils. According to the Bulgarian striker, the way Antony plays ends up taking away the respect he has from opponents and is a way of mocking other players.

If you make fun of your opponent then they will throw everything at you and you won’t get respect from the players you’re playing against.”

Berbatov said that United’s number 21 can help the team a lot on the field, however, with the extra dribbles he usually gives and that usually don’t make the play progress, it makes it a disrespect for the opposing players, since it seems a way to make the opponent look like a fool.

“However, in my view, sometimes he deserves the criticism he receives because he shows up on the field and tries to make the opponent look like an idiot in a negative way.”

Antony has already suffered several criticisms in the current season (Getty Images)

Berbatov also stated that the worst thing is that Antony manages to irritate people with his style of play, focusing more on making fun of the ball than scoring goals and building goals. The former striker did not skimp on words to criticize the way he feels when he watches the Brazilian on the pitch.

“His problem is that he can piss people off and needs to fix it soon.”

Source: sportbuzz

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