Athletistic/ Football. This season, the Russian Football Cup is held in a fundamentally new format. There is the RPL route and the region route, the winners of both routes will meet in the final. At the same time, after a few laps, the teams fly from the RPL path to the regions path. RFU chief Alexander Dyukov said he sees a number of advantages in the current Russian Cup format.

– This Cup has a lot of advantages – the attention of the public, the attitude of the clubs. I judge by the reaction of the owners, the management of the clubs, for them the Cup matches are not passing matches. All in all, there is only one downside – we treated the Cup as a tournament aimed at developing football in the regions. And this format further reduces the possibility for FNL clubs, including those in the second league, to perform successfully, to advance far on the grid. Based on the results of this season, we will collect feedback and suggestions from clubs. Maybe there will be changes and improvements in the Cup format, ”RB Sport” quotes Dyukov.

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