Venice, Pohyanpalo: “We are confident that we can play on equal terms”

Joel Pohianpalo, Venezia striker, spoke at a conference in connection with the match against Cagliari. Here are some of the statements released by TuttoVenezia:

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“From a scorer point of view, I suffered from a difficult start to the season, I had to adapt to Italian football and so a period of adjustment was needed. I remember that I scored my first goal in Cagliari. the goal is to keep playing and scoring like in this period”

Cagliari will play at home and they have a very hot squad. However, the playoffs are always different from the regular season, everyone is under the same pressure. Also because it is known that even in just twenty minutes the game can change in person, especially in the playoffs. I think we come to Cagliari with the highest level of concentration and preparation, we are confident that we can play it on equal footing.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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