Referee incorrectly awarded penalty to Dynamo goal in RPL game with Lokomotiv – ESC RFU

Arbitrator Roman Safyan made the right decision by not naming a penalty against Moscow “Dynamo” at the end of the second half of the match of the 29th day of the Russian championship against the capital Lokomotiv this conclusion was drawn by the Committee of Judicial Experts (CSE) to the President of the RFU.

The meeting took place on May 28 at the VTB Arena and ended with the score 4:2 in favor of the railway workers. The episode in question involving Saba Sazonov and Artem Dzyuba took place in the 85th minute.

– The Commission did not see a violation of the rules in the actions of Sazonov in single combat for the ball with Dzyuba in his own penalty area, since both players touch the ball at the same time, after which there is a slight contact between them by inertia, which is not punishable due to the lack of recklessness in the actions of the defender. For this reason, the commission unanimously supports the referee’s decision to continue play in this episode of play.

Furthermore, the commission ruled that referee Alexei Amelin did not mistakenly send off Urals midfielder Ibraim Cissé in the 29th round game against Khimki (3-0) for a violation against Ilya Sadigov.

In the opinion of all the members of the commission, Cissé’s actions threatened the safety of the opponent, given the high speed of entry into single combat, the high contact with punches with one leg unbent at using an open foot, indicating the use of excessive force by the Urals player.

“In this regard, the committee unanimously considers that the referee should have removed this player from the field for a serious violation of the rules of the game”, indicates the text.

Source : MatchTV

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