Povoroznyuk: Bartulovich himself asked him to be fired. I think it’s like a rat that is the first to escape from a sinking ship.

President Ingulets – about the changes on the coaching bench

The president Ingultsa Alexander Povoroznyuk told why the club fired head coach Sergei Kovalets and his assistant Mladen Bartulovich.

“This is normal. That’s the job of a coach. The tasks were not completed – we say goodbye. There is nothing surprising here. But I would like to separate these two personalities. Kovalets did not complete the task and was fired. We normally broke up with him and shook hands with each other, ”Povoroznyuk said.

“And there is a very big question for Bartulovich. From whom, and from him, I did not even expect such an attitude. He came himself and asked him to be fired. I think it’s like the first rat to escape from a sinking ship. This is a very dishonest act. In the future, he will not brighten it up. He wants to see a great coaching future there, but this is not the fighter, not the fighting attitude that I saw. I was wrong. It’s a pity, but I was wrong about Bartulovich.”

“Two matches left – finish them. Ingulets was, is and will be. I don’t know where he will play, but he will play. Ingulets will never disappear in my life as long as I exist. We will fight to the last. I hope we will play in the Premier League. Bartulovich and his act – God be his judge. Everything will come back to him in the future. This is very low and mean of him. I wouldn’t do that.”

“He did not explain his decision. Just came and snot dissolved. He thought that I would wipe his tears. And he said that he was going along with Kowalets. I ask: “Why?”. He answers: “Because you did not appoint me acting, but Lupashko.” Do I have to report to someone about my appointments? You finish the championship, and then say that so and so.

Ingulets broke up with Kovalets after the 30th round of the UPL. The team from Petrovo took 14th place in the standings and will play with the LNZ in the playoffs for the right to participate in the UPL-2023/24.

In the play-offs with LNZ, the team will be led by Vladislav Lupashko. The fights will take place on June 10 and 14.

Source: Sportarena

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