Sharan: President Minaya promised that there will be an increase in the budget

The Transcarpathian club will work on strengthening in the summer off-season

Head coach Minaya Vladimir Sharan spoke about the club’s plans for the summer off-season and the team’s work on the transfer market.

“It is very important for us to keep the backbone of the team. Now new players will come, we need them to understand our requirements. The President promised that there would be an increase in the budget – this is important. I repeat, we have the lowest financial opportunities in the UPL. It’s not a secret, and the president of the club, Valery Peresoliak, doesn’t hide it either. We had bonuses for draws and wins. And most importantly, we received them the next day after the game. It is very nice. There were no debts. And for the completed task – to stay in the UPL, we received a bonus, ”said Sharan.

“I asked what the management had to offer for the next season, tweaked a few points and shook hands. We need money to invite qualified players. Now Polissya has entered the UPL, which will set high goals for itself. The same applies to Alexandria, Kolos, Vorskla, Krivbass. Everyone is moving in the direction of increasing the budget. We will take the players, taking into account the preservation of the microclimate that already exists in the team. If we succeed, everything will be fine.”

“I have already talked with the guys whose contract is expiring, and I understand their position, their desire to get better conditions. Someone asked for time to think. There is a demand for Yegor Tverdokhleb, who had a good season. It is also difficult to say whether he will continue to play in the team. After all, the sale of players is a very important part of the functioning of the club. You always want the players to progress and grow both professionally and financially.”

“On June 27 we are going to Minai. The collection is planned in two stages of 10 days. We plan to have a lot of sparring. There are enough worthy rivals in Transcarpathia. There is someone to play with in Uzhgorod. Team building is already underway. We do not want to devote much time to viewing, so we carefully select candidates for the team.

The other day Sharan signed a new contract with Minay. The agreement is for the 2023/24 season.

Under the leadership of Sharan, Minay achieved the highest result in the three-year history of performances in the UPL. The team scored 33 points in 30 matches and finished 10th in the Ukrainian Championship in the 2022/23 season.

Source: Sportarena

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