Is the CPU excited? : Gary Medel announces his departure from Bologna

Despite the fact that the footballer intended to continue in Italy, talks with the club were unsuccessful. “There are stories that should never end, and this one won’t end because the team will always have one more fan,” the defender said via his social media.

Gary Medel is no longer in Bologna. The national footballer announces his departure from the Serie A team through a statement on Instagram. Although they had interviews with the leaders for a few weeks to assess their continuity, they were unsuccessful and The one trained at the Universidad Católica will be a free player from July 1.

“Some stories should never end. I arrived in Bologna four years ago: I was certainly not a child, I had played, among other teams, at Boca, Sevilla and Inter, and the day I set foot in Casteldebole I could not imagine that this city and its inhabitants would enter my heart like that definitively. I had a great time, my family and I have never been so good elsewhere”, wrote the Pitbull on the social network.

A few days ago, the manager of the club’s technical area, Giovanni Sartori, spoke with Jock , anticipating what would be the possible negotiations with Medel. “We are going to speak to him to see if he stays at the club or not. We intend to speak with the player to see if he can stay with us (…) In life everything is possible, at least there is an intention,” he stressed.

After posting the National team it is obvious that the talks did not succeed. “I feel like I really have to thank everyone, they gave me so much, I did everything to give it back, I was never saved and I wore the shirt proudly. I carry the songs with me. of the fans, the joys, the disappointments, the victories and the defeats.And I carry in my heart Sinisa, who taught us not to give up even when the enemy is too strong for us. There are stories that should never end, and this one won’t end because Bologna will always have one more fan,” the defender concludes in his writing.

Watch out for San Carlos

At the Universidad Católica they are always attentive to the movements of Gary Medel who made his debut with the San Carlos de Apoquindo club in 2006 and who, despite leaving in 2009, has always maintained an emotional bond with the colors of the team that trained him. During his visits to Chile, the defender usually goes to see UC at the stadium.

Gary Medel before a friendly match between Universidad Católica and Sevilla.
Gary Medel before a friendly match between Universidad Católica and Sevilla. Photo: Francisco Longa/UNO Agency

Without going any further, Juan Tagle, president of Cruzados, claimed at the time that management was aware of what the Pitbull was doing. In mid-2021, the leader acknowledged that: “Gary on social networks likes to make games. The conversation with him is permanent. I personally communicated with him, Tati too, with his representative (…) If he says he wants to come, he comes. Fans, keep calm, that from our side there will be no obstacles. When he wants to come, he will come.”

However, the passage of time has made the long-awaited return of the Red’s reference to the pre-Andean cast difficult. In 2022, the boss of the Société Anonyme changes his speech a little. “Gary always sends us messages that he wants to return to the club, but the truth is that he is very comfortable in Europe (…) They have been asking me this question for a few years and the truth is that I I feel like I’m already a little crazy, since I am like the bride abandoned on the platform, waiting for the train that never arrived to arrive,” she said in a conversation with DNA radio.

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