Serie B play-offs, Cagliari-Bari 1-1: Lapa’s goal cheats, Antenucci equalizes from the penalty spot

The first match of the playoffs of Serie B ended with the score 1:1 Cagliari-Bari. Cagliari is ahead on the opening with Lapadula taking advantage of Mancosu’s strike quickly; Bari equalized in the 93rd minute with Antenucci from the penalty spot. Half an hour later, the Apulians missed the first penalty with Cheddira mesmerized by Radunovich on an evening of grace.

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Cagliari started like a rocket and in the 9th minute headed from Lapadula on a rainbow from Mancos. In the 16th minute, Zuzek came close to leveling the score, missing from a few steps. The Islanders then close to doubling down, but Deyola’s shot is imprinted on the crossbar. Bari didn’t let themselves be intimidated, responded with a kick for a kick and in the 39th minute took advantage of a penalty granted after Var’s check for the ball with a hand in Nandez’s box, but Ceddira was mesmerized by Radunovich. Once again, the Italian-Moroccan striker, fully recovered, is close to equalizing.

Bari is immediately strong in the second half: in the 49th minute, Cheddir’s magic kills the defender and ends with an accurate shot, but Radunovic blocks and counters with his foot. The cockerels insisted that they were close to a goal in the 60th minute with a deviation from the heel of Benedetti, who was once again prevented by the unsurpassed Radunovich. Cagliari is suffering from the onslaught of the Apulians. Who presses the accelerator: in the 82nd minute, Tseter tries, the usual Radunovich saves everyone, timely in a low exit. Bari is again very dangerous in the 89th minute with Cheddira, but Zappa sacrificed himself and averted the threat on the line. Bari does not give up and, in full recovery, sees that their efforts are deservedly rewarded: Altare commits a foul on Folorunxo in the penalty area, and the referee, recalled by Var, appoints the guests a second penalty: this time Antenucci is not mistaken from a penalty spot. It ends 1-1. Sunday (20.30) return to San Nicola.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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