Cairo: “Offers from Arabia are good. There is some exaggeration, but this is fresh money that can be reinvested.”

Urban Cairothe president Turinspoke at a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of the schedule A7 for the next season, and also spoke, according to, about the roleSaudi Arabia on the transfer market: “Those who invest in football, therefore, those who are invested, even at truly sky-high levels, invest resources in football, which can then be invested in product development in their country. If there is a player who leaves a team in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia pays significant sums to buy him, it is capital that goes into Italy, for example, and can be invested. and then they calmed down a bit. At some point, I remember that we were in Ukraine, with the Donetsk Shakhtar, which Lucarelli took for terrible numbers, and in Russia. But then everything returns to a more balanced level. It seems to me good, there is some an exaggeration, but this is an injection of “fresh” money for our country and for our football, which can be positive.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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