Ganso sees “roots football” in the Brazilian national team with Diniz: “It’s like…”

Fernando Diniz is the new coach of the Brazilian national team, and Paulo Henrique Ganso opened the game about the backstage of how the coach’s tactics work

Paulo Henrique Ganso trust the work of Fernando Diniz at Brazilian Team. Contrary to what many point out in relation to the time the coach will need to implement his style of play, the midfielder Fluminense assured that this assimilation will not take so long. In an interview with SporTV’s “Boleragem” program, the midfielder of the Rio de Janeiro team praised his current commander.

It’s the other way around, it’s faster than you might think. On the first day, he can already deliver and implement this“, he stated.

In Ganso’s view, Fernando Diniz will have the best players at his disposal and he guaranteed that this will make his work in the Brazilian national team even easier. According to the midfielder, the coach leaves the technical decision in the hands of the athletes and gives everyone freedom to position themselves, in addition to creating, the way they see fit. Therefore, confidence in the professional is great.

They will be players of great quality, if he manages to make the players understand that, and he will succeed, we have everything to return to having a root team. The game fans love to see. Beautiful and creative, where the decision-making is up to the player“, he began to explain.

Fernando Diniz will not let Fluminense down and will continue as the team’s coach (Credit: GettyImages)

Paulo Henrique Ganso also revealed some details of what Fernando Diniz asks of his athletes at Fluminense and what he expects from each one: “The decision is up to the player. He creates every possible way to go out and play. When it arrives in the field, we have to improvise. It’s like a street game. You feel comfortable and learning is faster than we imagine”.

In addition, to finish, Paulo Henrique Ganso opened the game about the possibility of being summoned to the Brazilian national team. According to him, that chance may exist, but he doesn’t beg for it: “Expectations are high, obviously. I’m there on a daily basis with him, I’ve known him for a while. He’s the coach. It will be up to him, it’s no use for us to come and say “you have to take me“.

Source: sportbuzz

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