‘It ended badly because of inappropriate behavior by the player’: Colo’s story Colo takes on Sampaoli and destroys Arturo Vidal after leaving Flamengo

Leonardo Véliz took to his social media to publicize his opinion on the national midfielder’s departure to Athletico Paranaense in order to add competitive minutes.

Arturo Vidal has a new team in Brazil. Athletico Paranaense is the team that appears in Arturo Vidal’s career. One of the main reasons why the national midfielder left Mengao is theto little participation he had in the frame led by Jorge Sampaoli .

Although after the arrival of the Casildense in the club, it was thought that the king would have a greater participation in the midfield of the team, a situation that occurred in the first weeks, Over time, the footballer lost his notoriety and began to wait for an opportunity on the substitute bench. s.

Of course, the national team did not lose confidence. “Right now, I’m 100%. If I don’t play anymore, that’s not my problem. It’s complicated when you don’t play . There is no one better than me in my position. I can do things no one else can. My children are here, so it gives me the strength to keep fighting,” he told Radio ADN a few days ago.

And now that he has Athletico Paranaense as his new destination, historic Colo Colo player Leonardo Véliz has taken on Vidal. Through his social media, he said that “Is playing less than 10 minutes a month something to consider? This is Vidal’s real situation in Flamengo. And insists on being better than everyone else. Pride Blinds . Sampaoli is not an asshole”, he began by indicating in a message on Twitter.

Then he continued: “Some sports journalists know the reason for the bad relationship between Sampaoli and Vidal. It ended badly due to known facts and inappropriate player behavior. The DT gained weight . He wants to win but without cronyism or commitment from the past,” he added.

economic relief

With this transfer, Arturo Vidal gains ground by being able to fight for ownership again, while Mengao sees a great relief in their expenses. The Chilean had a nearly six million per season tie with the Chilean. money that will allow you to focus on other options to strengthen yourself in the face of the challenges ahead.

Of course, going to a team that fights in the Brasileirao from below also has economic consequences for Vidal, because As the Brazilian version of Goal revealed, he will receive 250,000 reais, something like 40 million pesos. That is to say about 13.96% of what he earned .

A troubled arrival

Although Vidal’s salary is lower than Flamengo’s, he will still be important for a team that is struggling financially. For the same reason, the hiring of the former Inter Milan has caused discomfort in the Paranaense.

This is detailed by the columnist of UM Dois Esportes, Augusto Mafus, who assures that the arrival of the Chilean national team “will cause unrest in the training center ”.

There are players who have been denied a readjustment or transfer of rights to another association, and there are others who already want to talk about future renewals and are not being heard. “, Explain.

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