Venice, Vanoli: “Let’s start with a good base. Pohyanpalo? If we want to aim high, the best must…

“Finally, I was lucky enough to start our journey from day one, continuing what we did last year. Of course, a lot will depend on the market, but let’s start with a good and stable base, primarily in terms of mentality. What am I most proud of last season? Having reviewed completely Penzo, feel the love and affection of the fans. Our people have seen the heart and I still get goosebumps. For everyone, I think the beauty was in finding that union again, it pushed us into something extraordinary. Pohyanpalo? I was clear with the club that if we want to aim for something important, we need to keep the best players. I see Joel as serene as the rest of the band, we all need to learn not to be influenced by rumors. Sporting director Antonelli really needs to figure out a lot of things besides the fact that he needs to think about the races.

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We have a lot of players and unfortunately things have stalled a bit. Anyone on retreat has a chance to show me that they want to stay, if anyone is not convinced, raise your hand and leave. We must set ourselves small, clear and achievable goals: the first is to become a team that will try to play well, win and lose, but must never lose the heart that returned the fans. We must build up and become a group so as not to melt away in the difficult times that will come. I don’t have a magic sphere to tell where we’re going, we have to believe in our work. Shut up and without last year’s proclamations, when in fact we took a big risk. All this in order to demonstrate to others that they will have to be afraid of Venice. Thus, from the columns de gazettino, Paul VanoliVenice Coach.

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