“The body and the legs do not yield; you have to be convinced”: the sharp look at this moment of Arturo Vidal in his new challenge in Brazil

The King begins the inevitable decline of his career. At 36, he left Flamengo and joined Athletico Paranaense, a team of level and figuration obviously lower than the Brazilian and international level. The decision sparks debate and triggers alerts.

Arturo Vidal moves to Athletico Paranaense. His time at Flamengo, which he first described as a dream come true, ended up turning into a nightmare. Although he brought in juicy profits, in sport he ended up being thankless. Even the presence of Jorge Sampaoli, with whom he had glorious moments in the national team, did not guarantee him the property that the king is still looking for. Under these conditions, he decides to go to Furaçao, where his income will be much lower.

The native of San Joaquín is already 36 years old. He is, strictly speaking, in the final phase of a career that has reached great heights. Your CV records considerations in this regard. Today, on the other hand, his fight is focused on the news, although some warn that inevitably he must start listening to the signs. . Sport and especially physics.


Leonardo Véliz has been particularly pithy with the former Barcelona and Inter Milan midfielder, to name just a few of the top clubs he has defended. “Is playing less than 10 minutes a month something to consider? This is Vidal’s real situation in Flamengo. And insists on being better than everyone else. Pride Blinds . Sampaoli is not an idiot”, published the former striker of Colo Colo and the national team. He also underlined theInappropriate behavior of Vidal as a factor in explaining the loss of importance of the Rio de Janeiro team, the biggest and most popular in Brazil. This flank has already opened it several times. And always with thick ammunition.

Leonel Herrera, Pollo’s partner in the mythical Colo Colo 73, notices the drop in the level of the steering wheel, but tries to be less categorical in the assessment of the step he takes. “It’s a sign that his career is coming to an end, but under no circumstances should attention be diverted from what he has done. . At an age like Arturo, who was at Flamengo and went to a much lower team, having had few opportunities to play, it is shown to be almost a law of life “, he argues.

Arturo Vidal, in the duel between Flamengo and Ñublense, for the Copa Libertadores (Photo: Reuters)

Chuflinga explains the phenomenon from his experience. “We want to continue to play, but the legs, the body do not give in and we have to be convinced. The same will happen to Arturo and Gary. “, says. However, he argues that they still have a margin of validity.”Of course, they are always for a good level team and for the national team as starters . I was up to 38 years old. You are aware. They were important, they are part of history and they can still react. I don’t know until when, but now they can still contribute”, he establishes.

a deadline

Roberto Reynero, former captain of the U, chooses to set limits. “Vidal, like Medel, understands that he still has one or two years of football left. You must act wisely. Staying in Europe as long as he did is no small feat. What he has achieved is very commendable. The scene that lives today is not the same. And it makes sense. They burn their last cartridges . I don’t mean the wrong way. It’s a natural process,” he says.

Osvaldo Hurtado agrees. The former UC goalscorer argues that it’s a process that happens in all footballers, but it becomes more notorious in Vidal’s case, due to the prominence he has gained. “It’s already years. One loses the competition. Logically, it is difficult to recognize, to realize that the race is looking for another direction . When you play in the First Division and you go to B or Second, to extend your career, because it is already assumed that you are not at the next level. It is a natural fact. In this scenario, it seeks to obtain the best economic return. Vidal, but also Medel, sought the last important contract of their careers . And that seems valid to me, ”he remarks.

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