Luxembourg praises Corinthians and sees a stronger team

After the victory in the Sudamericana, coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo praised the evolution of Corinthians; coach is worried about the return game

The coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo evaluated the victory of Corinthians over the University-PER, by 1 to 0, for the first leg of the playoffs of the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana. After this Tuesday’s game, the 11th, at Neo Química Arena, Timão’s coach saw an evolution in the team.

“I’ve been saying that we have growth, but you don’t believe it. I have to respect. The kids on a daily basis are confident. Everything seems like an excuse, but back there I managed to find a way. I lost Paulinho, I had to redo it. We changed tires while the car was moving. There is evolution, because you don’t get as many kids as you are now to play the game if there is no confidence and they believe and play the game even against Liverpool if they are not trained”, said Luxemburg.

“We’re starting to grow with work that may not be on display, but there is growth. Cast work, seeking to improve day by day. Victory does not come, sometimes, but you see us involving the opponent. This kid is taking up space. important moment in their lives. Not every technician looks. Catch this moment, believe it and enjoy it. Irresponsibility with responsibility. Tactical behavior, but with a mixture of irreverence”, completed.

The second leg of qualifying for the round of 16 will be played in Lima, Peru, and the fact worries Luxa. He pointed out that the country is experiencing an outbreak of Guillain Barré syndrome, a “rare and serious neurological condition in which the body’s immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system.” The Brazilian Ministry of Health considers the situation to be of low risk and recalls that it is not transmissible from person to person.

“I want to get away from the subject a little and say that there was no concern. Peru is a brother. I’ve been there several times, very nice. But regardless of the country, an outbreak is an outbreak. Any country with that, if there is a decree, it has to be respected. We are not guinea pigs. They canceled the trip of the press professionals. Who is responsible for us traveling there and becoming contaminated? Who allowed the game? There is a federal decree from the Ministry of Health and this needs to be respected. It’s a very serious problem.” followed the commander.

“We don’t want to stop playing, but we have to be responsible so as not to put our health at risk. The press will not be. Why not change country? It’s no joke. Why does football always need something serious to take more responsibility for decisions? If I don’t take care of my health, I will be criticized. Do I have to expose myself and the team? They need accountability. It takes coherence and balance. They are human beings. Nice if my wife becomes a widow. Who will be responsible? Here it has nothing to do with country. beautiful”, added the trainer.

Source: sportbuzz

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