“It’s the side of the arm”

As it has been doing lately, CBF published a video explaining the controversy in Flamengo’s goal annulled, against Athletico-PR, for the Copa do Brasil

As has been constantly happening with controversial bids in Brazilian football, the CBF released a video explaining the procedure used by VAR in the disallowed goal of Gabigol, which generated controversy. The whole issue came about because expert commentators and the internet believed the line was wrongly placed on the striker.

In the video, the head of the refereeing commission of the federation, Wilson Seneme and the VAR technical manager, Pericles Bassols they redid the bidding procedure to show that it was really offside. In addition, they insisted on saying that the game rule says that the line has to be placed at the end of the armpit, already on the arm.

We go to the end of the process, which is to identify which point of the white player (Gabigol) is closest to the bottom line. And we identify by this image, which is what Guarizo did yesterday, which is the shoulder. Then we go on the shoulder and again we have to climb the base. Let’s lean on his shoulder. It’s not the arm, it’s the side of the arm, as the rule provides“, said Bassols in the video.

Next, they perform the same procedure through another camera, a little more central and which commentators even said could be more appropriate. In the same way as the previous one, the impediment was verified, but according to them, with greater difficulty in finding the closest point to the attacker’s bottom line.

Flamengo’s annulled goal bid / Credits: Reproduction Premiere

In summary of the move we saw, the objective was to demonstrate the issue of the arm line, which catches the end of the arm at the top. And also this whole process where the lines are calibrated before the game. And that regardless of the camera that the VAR uses to trace, the final result will be the same with 100% guarantees“, completed Seneme.

Source: sportbuzz

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