QS: “Ternana is the future, closing by July 20th. Ferrero is leaving the stage, Castori is on the bench.”

“Ternana is the future, closing by July 20th. Ferrero leaves the stage, Castori is on the bench, ”the publication is titled. Sports newspaper.

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The new names in the possible corporate structure are Alessandro Di Paolo and Simone Giacomini. Market: nearest Steven Spendi.

A little patience and we should be there. Closing of the transfer of the company should take place no later than July 20, and by this date the team will start the summer training camp. Confirmations are coming in that Massimo Ferrero has left the scene. Relatively new names in a possible corporate structure are those we reported yesterday, namely Alessandro Di Paolo (we also wrote about him a few weeks ago) and Simone Giacomini. Meanwhile, for the bench, many clues continue to converge on Fabrizio Castori. The reasons for Ferrero’s sudden reversal are not entirely clear. Various hypotheses are put forward, from disagreement on fundamental issues to dissatisfaction with the square). The place left by the former Patron of Sampdoria will be taken by two entrepreneurs, the well-known Nicola Guida (who remains the benchmark for the new Owner). Di Paolo and Giacomini are partners in Stardust (social media and influencer sector). The presence of the former in the new Ternan seems undeniable. Alessandro is the son of Roberto, who is the patron of Ostiamare, a Serie D football club sponsored by Pharmaguida. Giacomini has just sold Triestina and would also put Regina and Siena on the monitor. Thus, a hypothesis for a new organizational structure could include Guida as president, Di Paolo as vice president, Stefano Bandecchi as honorary president (also by virtue of the 5% share capital that Unicusano intends to keep). On the coaching front, various important sources, including at the national level, converge on Fabrizio Castori, who would have gained a significant advantage over Luca D’Angelo. The fact that there has been great mutual respect and strong harmony between the coach from San Severino Marche and Luca Leone since the days of Lanciano would certainly have made it easier for the disse to build the team. Albanian Steven Shpendi (2003), Cesena striker, who scored 12 goals in the last Pro League championship, is among the young candidates for a move to Rossoverne. […].

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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