Botafogo seeks signing to supply injured starter; check out

Botafogo goes to the market to make a one-off signing, as Rafael, the titular right-back, suffered a serious injury and will no longer play in 2023; see who’s on the radar

After the serious injury of Rafaela right-back who had been in the starting line-up during the season, Botafogo will go to the market to make a punctual contract. Given that the player is no longer playing in 2023, the club is looking for a quick alternative that has the potential to do the job. One of the names that most pleases the board of directors alvinegra is Wilson Manafa28 years old.

Manafá is Portuguese and was in Harbor, until the end of the last European season. However, with the end of his contract with the European club, the right-back was free on the market. Despite the interest of the board, Botafogo will not proceed with the negotiation without the endorsement of Bruno Lagethe team’s new coach, who should hold his first training sessions this week.

Even without feedback from the coach, Glorioso works behind the scenes with the possibility of a “yes” from Lage. Therefore, the club from Rio de Janeiro has already carried out a survey on possible values, which had a very positive result, as Manafá fits within the stipulated budget. Without a club, the transfer fee will not be paid, just a settlement according to the athlete’s salaries.

However, even with the Botafogo survey, there has still been no concrete contact between the two parties. According to the ‘GE‘, the Portuguese winger and his family welcome the opportunity to live in Brazil. However, Botafogo has competition from other European clubs, mainly from Turkey.

Manafá in action for Porto, in a Champions League match (Credit: Getty Images)

In Raphael’s absence, di placido has been chosen to play in Botafogo’s starting lineup. However, the problem is that only the Argentine plays in the position and is available in the squad. Thus, Fogão’s board is looking to hire a player who has a certain record, who can add and help maintain the team’s good phase until the end of the season.

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