‘Rangage and ingratitude’: Estudiantes de La Plata’s harsh message against a youngster for going to Europe

The pincharrata club has issued an eloquent press release, addressed to Gerónimo Spina (category 2005) and his representation, because the footballer is leaving for Atlético de Madrid.

It is increasingly common for European teams to come to South America to recruit young players with projection. But what is not common (and therefore opens the debate) is that the team that trained the footballer expresses its annoyance so eloquently. No half measures. This is what happened in Argentina with the case of Gerónimo Spina, a young man from Estudiantes de La Plata.

He is a left-handed central defender, category 2005, captain, who He goes to Atlético de Madrid. The situation took another turn with powerful statement issued by the pincharrata framework, where he stated without understatement his unease at the player’s departure, also blaming his portrayal, and the Spanish cast itself, for their actions to get Spina out of the store run by Juan Sebastián Verón. In fact, the note is titled “Enchantment and ingratitude.”

« The young Gerónimo Spina leaves the club ripped off, ripped off, but above all, with an ingratitude manifests all that the Institution has contributed throughout its formation, and that is what hurts the most. Greed, short-sightedness, easy and petty business, outweighed the possibility of growing up in a place that contained and shaped him throughout his youth. Advised by his environment and his representation, but fundamentally by his own will, the young person made the decision to sneak out the back door without permission of Club Estudiantes de La Plata,” the statement begins.

“The Club Atlético de Madrid takes without any authorization, a young person trained from an early age in our institution, thus taking advantage of the lack of legal protection that frames the matter, a situation well known to the young Spina, his entourage and his representation, as well as the aforementioned Club Atlético de Madrid. The uncertain and unscrupulous promises of those representing the youth are a constant threat faced by training clubs. The Spina case is NOT the exception,” he continues.

“Estudiantes de La Plata offers itself completely in the formation of its youth, not only from a sporting point of view but also from a human point of view, investing in training, food and education. Juniors attend the first baccalaureate for footballers in the country for free at the Colegio Estudiantes de La Plata. They are trained both on a sporting and human level, within a club which for more than 100 years has stood out in the complete training of its athletes. Today we are faced with a case that leaves us perplexed and only shows our ingratitude for the comprehensive training provided. The greedy opportunism of leaving without any authorization from the place that formed it, and taking advantage of the legal vacuum, does not at all reflect the values ​​that the Club Estudiantes de La Plata proclaims”. keep on going.

“There are many fine examples of these players who honor the history of our club. The sense of belonging is the hallmark that sets us apart. Countless footballers trained at the institution, many of whom have triumphed in major world leagues, do nothing more than be available to the club for whatever is needed, and that is ultimately what embraces us and makes us reconfirm the path we have chosen over the years.” , he added.

“The repudiation of the decision taken by the young Gerónimo Spina, his representation and his environment, as well as the actions of Club Atlético de Madrid is absolute. We trust our coaches and our athletes, understanding that what happened with young Spina is nothing more than a bad example and the exception to the long and rich history of Club Estudiantes de La Plata. “, sealed the institution.

With this example, the question arises whether other teams will replicate Estudiantes’ actions and react in this way in a similar situation. Will this serve as a precedent?

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Source: Latercera

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