Tite does not endorse Juninho Paulista’s words, says journalist

After controversy over the reason for not calling up Gabriel Magalhães for the World Cup, a journalist claims that Tite disagrees with Juninho Paulista’s speech; look

After a few months without any representative from the technical commission of Brazilian Team in the last World Cup give interviews, the then Coordinator of the Selection, Juninho Paulista he spoke. In conversation with “Globo Esporte”, the former player stated that Gabriel Magalhães he would have lost space in the team after asking for a call-up to see the birth of his daughter, which according to André Rizek, is not the coach’s version Tite.

They are choices. I went through it. My son was born, I was waiting in England and the next day I came to Brazil because he had hurt my knee and I needed to recover as quickly as possible. My wife stayed there for 40 days alone, with the help of a nanny. Did it hurt? When it comes to weighing you will put everything on the scale and it is inevitable, you will put everything on the scale. The other comes, plays and then it happens to lose a little space“, said Juninho on the occasion.

The case took place in friendlies in June 2022, when Brazil faced South Korea and Japan, and Gabriel asked to be withdrawn to accompany the birth of his daughter. According to the aforementioned journalist, coach Tite does not agree with Juninho’s view, and that was not the reason for the player’s absence from the World Cup.

The coach does not endorse (Juninho’s) words. He talked to Gabriel, he understood the subject, but it wasn’t that, in Tite’s mind, it could be in Juninho’s head, that knocked Gabriel out of the Cup. Tite went to Europe to analyze Gabriel at Arsenal and understood that the defender he would like to take as his first option was Lucas Veríssimo. He was injured, underwent surgery and did not return in time for the World Cup. And then Tite understands that Ibañez and Bremer technically overtook Gabriel and, therefore, this is Tite’s version, it was not for the Cup’ put in Rizek.

Gabriel Magalhães in action for Arsenal / Credits: Getty Images

Also in the journalist’s speech, Tite still does not intend to give interviews to any communication vehicle, as he is still very upset with the elimination of Brazil in the last World Cup. Regarding its future, Brazilian football is ruled out in the short term, and the dream of Europe still exists, but it is open to hearing proposals from any country abroad.

Source: sportbuzz

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