Empoli, Zanetti: “I hope Baldanzi stays. At least 2-3 more players will arrive.”

Empoli, Zanetti: “I hope Baldanzi stays.  At least 2-3 more players will arrive.”

Paul ZanettitrainerEmpoli, said at a press conference on the eve of the Coppa Italia match against Cittadella, starting from the pre-season balance: “It’s good for players who have managed to train continuously, we put minutes into the game and choose very demanding friendly matches for our state of form and other aspects : fatigue, sacrifice… Not to be surprised what type of championship we will play. It’s normal that we get a little naked, good things come out, and there are fewer others, so much material to work with. However, I think it was a good month, many kilometers and a lot of work. Anyone who came to practice saw how the team struggled, making such a long journey with such modesty. We regret that there were 4-5 situations that make the physical condition of the team somewhat uneven, such things happen. Maldini, for example, which is for us an important player, dragging with him some problems from last season and will be for a long time, for some time. Then he will have to redo the training. Someone else as important as Baldanzi had to interrupt his training due to muscle problems for a few weeks, but he will be back next time. Fazzini, Marin, whom we will see again on the field in 2 and a half months… We had 4-5 situations with potential starting players who didn’t make it, plus 2-3 who come, it’s useless to hide something else 2 -3 will be bought. 7 out of 11… In the future, different things await us, with the understanding that those who played had the opportunity to show off, to demonstrate how much they care about this project. I have seen young players achieve very good results and I am very happy that they took the opportunity to end their careers in a Serie A team, this is important.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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