Athletistic/ Football. Today, August 11, the fourth round of the Russian Football Championship began. It all started in Yekaterinburg. Local “Ural” took over its field “Spartacus”. Many expected an interesting game. After all, both teams have started quite well this season. In the first round, “Ural” completely defeated CSKA.

The game was really interesting. There were no goals in the first half. However, at the end of the half, Daniel Mishkic brought the hosts in front. Martins blocked Yushin’s shot from outside the penalty area, but the ball bounced within a radius from where Mishkic, who came running, fired into the bottom corner of the opposition goal.

In the 54th minute, Theo Bongonda made the score equal. Promes from the corner of the penalty area made a sight serve to the goalkeeper line, from where Bongonda hit his head without interference, and the ball, sliding off Pomazun’s hands, flew into the net.

In the 81st minute, Alexander Sobolev gave Spartak the lead. After the interception, Sobolev ran to the penalty line and kicked, and Kike’s leg rebound completely disoriented Pomazun, thanks to which the ball flew into the goal.

In the 90th minute, Andrey Egorychev equalized the score. Ishkov hit the wall from a free kick, but Yegorychev read the rebound, ran and landed a solid shot into the bottom corner of the opposing goal.

At the end of the match, Eric Bikfalvi brought victory to the Urals. Shettin made a simple header into Spartak’s penalty area, where Litvinov and Svinov could not find who to pick up the ball, and Bikfalvi, who jumped behind the defender, skillfully threw the goalkeeper.

Thus, “Urals” won with the score 3:2. The Yekaterinburg club scored ten points and took first place in the RPL. Spartak fans commented on their team’s loss in this game. They left their comments on the official red and white community in Vkontakte.

Andrei Shapochkin:

– Already buy the defenders, how much can you dishonor yourself?

Pavel Zabolotnikov:

Yes sir, shame on you. The second team played even better against Pari NN. With such a game, what kind of championship can we talk about?

Michka Klim:

– That’s the end of the story! Worse than this protection in “Spartacus” has not yet been!

Strength in Unity:

– It’s Spartacus. It was not to be expected otherwise. We cash in every game.

Oleg Dvuglov:

– The coach has broken the alignment and formation of the game. As at the beginning of last spring. And he got what he got at the beginning of the same last spring.

Yaroslav Pyatikh, Athletistic

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