“With any win, Ignashevich will thank us, you can win 10:9” – Baltika captain

“With any win, Ignashevich will thank us, you can win 10:9” – Baltika captain

Captain of the Baltika Aslan Dudiev told that fans should love Russian Cup matches for open football and a high number of goals, while the team’s head coach Sergei Ignachevitch will still congratulate the players for the victory, even if they concede a lot of goals.

Baltika, after two rounds of the FONBET Russian Cup group tournament, scored 6 points and took first place in Group C. On Sunday, Baltika will play Dynamo in the MIR RPL fourth round away game. After three matches, Ignashevich’s team, which returned to the top flight of Russian football after 25 years, has 3 points and 12th place in the standings.

– How do you find the enchanting match between Spartak and PARI NN (5:4) in the Russian Cup?

– Above all, I would like to underline our Cup: each match is a celebration for the supporters. It’s hard to see such open matches in the league, but here in open football, one goal is more beautiful than the other. Really nice to watch. I talk to my parents, and they wait for the Cup matches to attend the extravaganza.

In this difficult time, it is important that people rejoice. They can only come to the stadium with tickets, like in the good old days. And people walk, we see on TV how many fans are in the stands in the middle of the week. So there are only advantages from the Russian Cup.

– If the supporters are happy, all the coaches have to do is swallow pills.

– (Laughs). Yes, coaches are a little more difficult, but what is football? Fan game. We must please them with brilliant matches and great victories.

– Will Sergey Ignashevich congratulate you if you win with the score 5:4? Or better classic 1:0?

– With any victory, the coach will thank us, you can win 10:9, it’s ok, the main thing is victory (laughs).

– What can Baltika claim?

– We watch the games, we understand that we can beat any team, we can do everything. We learn to endure, then football as a reward. As in the match with Akhmat: the opponent pressed, we suffered the assault, we ran out and scored twice.

– Does the captain of the RPL club have a particular responsibility?

– It’s good that the coach gave the bandage. It is generally accepted that the captain is a person who enters the field with a bandage. But as far as I know, the captain still has to have relationships in the dressing room. My task is more to guide young people on the right path, to cheer up those who do not fit into the team, to offer things to the boys. I help guys as much as I can,” Dudiev told .


The Dynamo-Baltika match will be broadcast live on the MATCH PREMIER TV channel, starting at 2:55 p.m. (Moscow time).

Source : MatchTV

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