Rakhimov – after the defeat in Rostov: “There is only one conclusion: Rubin needs to get stronger”

Rakhimov – after the defeat in Rostov: “There is only one conclusion: Rubin needs to get stronger”

The Head Coach”Rubine » Rashid Rakhimov said his team needed to be strengthened to fight in the championship.

“Rubin” in the match of the fourth round of WORLD RPL lost to “Rostov” with the score 0:3.

– Rostov endured Rubin?

– I think so. We had the first chances, we had to convert them. Unfortunately, we miss very easily. One has to wonder why this is happening. It shouldn’t be. This often breaks the game, although the match did not predict this.

– How do you rate the performance of the attacking group?

– Zero objectives, how to assess if there are none? Yes, there have been approaches, but we do not value them. This problem is present, Apshatsev did not score one-on-one, the same Lisakovich could score. And all those moments were with the score 0:0. It is impossible to positively assess the play of the attacking group when there are no goals scored.

– Can you compare this match with the last Cup match against Lokomotiv?

— No, completely different games that were built differently. Although there we also conceded a goal for nothing. There is only one conclusion: we must strengthen ourselves.

– Two defeats in a row, is there depression in the team?

There is no depression and there shouldn’t be. Every next game is an opportunity to rehabilitate. It must be annoying that we get punished for mistakes. A good game of dedication and pressure must be brought to the point of scoring points, ”reports a correspondent in the words of Rakhimov.

Valery Karpin’s team scored 7 points and moved up to fifth place in the table, Rubin is in 13th position with 2 points.

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