Dedukh, Sitalo, Palamar and Brazilian Igor: the entire team of the 3rd round of the first stage of the First League

Dedukh, Sitalo, Palamar and Brazilian Igor: the entire team of the 3rd round of the first stage of the First League

Sport Arena names the symbolic team of the third round of the First League of the season 2023/24

Game program of the 3rd round (report with video here)

Group A Group B
Friday, August 11 Friday, August 11
Niva (Buzovaya) – Niva (Ternopil) – 2:1 Flint – Victoria – 0:1
Prykarpattya – Karpaty – 0:1 FSK Mariupol – SK Poltava – 1:1
Epicenter – Agribusiness – 1:1 Left Bank ‒ FC Chernihiv ‒ 5:1
Saturday, August 12 Saturday, August 12
Bukovina – FC Khust – 0:0 Ingulets ‒ Dinaz ‒ 3:0
Metalist ‒ Podillia – 1:1 Metallurg – Gornyak-Sport – 0:1

About the best personalities and the main figures of the tour – here

Goalkeeper – Ilya Karavashchenko (FSK Mariupol)

We note a positive result for Mariupol – a draw with SC Poltava, which in the last round beat the favorites of the season – Left Bank. The selfless game of the defense and the goalkeeper contributed a lot. Karavashchenko may have been nervous at first (remember the nervous take-out to defender Terekhov, who took a pass from the goalkeeper harshly). However, later he pulled himself together and managed to help out the team in several episodes, in particular, he competently reduced the angle of fire when Kopytov appeared right in front of him. There was no chance to bail out after Shcherbak’s blow.

  • Best in Group A: Vladislav Rybak (Metalist)

Right back – Bogdan Bychkov (Victoria)

All the defensive link of the Nikolaev team and the support zone played the match in Kremenchug in full force and with great dedication. Moreover, the defenders also had time to support attacking combinations, which was especially important. We note Bychkov, who performed several passes with innings. One of them, after Shavrin’s discount, ended with Cheglov’s winning goal. This is an important victory for Victoria away from the team that went to the Champions group last season.

  • Best in Group A: Ivan Gavrushko (Agribusiness)

Central defender – Igor Tikhnenko (FC Khust)

At the start of the new season, after being promoted, FC Khust experienced significant problems in defense. This was also due to problems with the flanks, aggravated by the removal of Merdeev in the first round, as well as the absence of the leading center back Tikhnenko. Igor returned last week, and in Chernivtsi he played a leading role in defense. Firstly, Tikhnenko played closely with Palahniuk, never allowing the experienced striker to score, and secondly, he managed to block and interrupt sharp blows and passes from Faraseenko and Palamarchuk, breaking the sharp attacks of Bukovina three times.

  • Best in Group B: Ilya Khodulya (SC Poltava)

Central defender – Ivan Pets (Bukovina)

The Chernivtsi team survived a rather difficult match with FC Khust. First of all, we are talking about the special tactics of the Transcarpathians, who play in the classical formation with two attackers – this created additional problems for the Chernivtsi defensive team. But the defense in the Pets-Novotryasov duet, on the whole, played well against the fast and skillful players of the visiting team. And Ivan himself also connected to the standards – and, if not for Tsurupin’s offside position, his accurate kick would have become a goal.

  • Best in Group B: Andrey Nelin (Victoria)

Left back – Maxim Melnichuk (Ingulets)

The flanks of the Petrovsky club brought a lot of problems to the defense of Dinaz. Among those who constantly and actively joined the attacks was the left full-back Melnichuk. He participated in high-speed multi-moves, acted in a fairly high middle position and earned a penalty for the third goal by midfielder Ingulets Koltsov.

  • Best in Group A: Vladislav Chushenko (Podillya)

Central midfielder – Ruslan Dedukh (Left Bank)

The match lost by SC Poltava forced the coaching staff of the Left Bank to resort to certain changes. In particular, in the middle line, where Sokolov started the match in the reserve, and instead of him next to Dedukh, a more attack-oriented Repeta came out. This increased the amount of work for Dedukh, but he played strongly against former teammates. In the match with FC Chernihiv, Ruslan scored with a kick from the 11-meter mark and acted as an assistant under two other goals – Voitsekhovsky from a free kick and Lytovchenko from the game.

  • Best in Group A: Alex Chidomere (Metalist)

Right midfielder – Evgeny Zaporozhets (Ingulets)

Among the old-timers of Ingulets, Zaporozhets has the longest playing experience – he has been playing for this club since his amateur days. In the game with Dinaz, Evgeny was one of the most active. And he himself found himself in positions to complete the attacks, but he brought the most benefit to the team in the underplay. Actually, it was Zaporozhets who successfully played along with Sitalo and Kozak in combinations for the first two goals of the hosts.

  • Best in Group A: Ivan Stankovych (FC Khust)

Attacking midfielder – Ruslan Palamar (Niva Buzovaya)

The third goal in a row in the championship for Palamar – among the leading scorers of the new season, the attacking midfielder is the most stable, because he scores in every match. In one of the central matches of the tour, Ruslan was aimed at the gates of Ternopil from the first minutes. He did a lot of cross-country work, boldly attacked his opponents, forcing them to make mistakes, and even earlier he carried out shooting at the Niva goal. Already after the break, Palamar scored what actually became the winning goal, successfully completing the multi-move with a pass from Turchanov, who worked ahead.

  • Best in Group B: Dmitry Shcherbak (SK Poltava)

Left midfielder – Daniil Dmitriev (Gornyak-Sport)

Gornyak-Sport has been and remains one of the youngest players in terms of average age (now second in Group B). After the appearance of a new head coach, the team’s line-up was updated again. At the stage of formation, every point for Gornyak-Sport is worth its weight in gold. That’s why the goal of Dmitriev – one of the active participants in the match with Zaporozhye Metallurg – is of such importance. In a match in which the nominal hosts had a tangible advantage and could score, Daniil decided on a raid with a shot on target, which, not without luck, became effective.

  • Best in Group A: Vitaliy Faraseenko (Bukovina)

Forward – Igor Neves Alves (Karpaty)

Brazilian striker Lviv for the first time in the symbolic team of the tour. However, in fact, Igor surprisingly quickly found understanding with the Carpathian attack group, fit in well with team interaction and was useful in each of the rounds. And in Ivano-Frankivsk, where the Karpaty have already lost by a cup this season (albeit with an experimental reserve team), it was Igor who decided the fate of the meeting. First, he had a sighting, locking Polegenko’s cross, then he interacted several times with Chachua and Podlepenets, and in the end he earned a contraversion penalty, which he converted. Three points leave the Lviv team with good chances for sole leadership.

  • Best in Group B: Vladislav Voitsekhovsky (Left Coast)

Forward – Artem Sitalo (Ingulets)

The experienced Sitalo is one of the leading players of Ingulets, who have remained in the team since the days of the Premier League. In each of the starting rounds of the First League, he is marked by effective actions (two goals and one assist). In the match with Dinaz, Artem skillfully closed the pass of Zaporozhets, opening the scoring already in the 14th minute. An early goal set the pace of the meeting, and Sitalo himself continued to conscientiously work ahead.

  • Best in Group A: Stanislav Vasilenko (Podolia)
Team of the 3rd round of the first stage of the First League. Illustration

Tour coach – Vitaliy Pervak ​​(Left Bank)

The defeat from SC Poltava in the last round was the first loss for the entire time of the performance of the Left Bank in the championships under the auspices of the PFL. Of course, this has led to some drastic reshuffling and updating of key positions in the center of defense and midfield. As a result, the Kyivans outplayed FC Chernihiv in an aggressive sports style, despite the removal of three of their players (there were three red cards in total in the match) and problems in certain positions due to player injuries. The devastating victory won by the Storks is also notable for the fact that for the third time in the season Pervak ​​has an effective substitution – he is the best in the entire First League in this indicator based on the results of three starting rounds.

Analysis from the All-Ukrainian Association of Football Coaches – here.

Ivan Bendera (on the lawn in blue), photo
Joker Tour – Ivan Bendera (Epicenter)

Litovchenko from Kiev and Zayats from Agribusiness scored after substitutions, Dobrokhotov from Khmelnytsky and Borodenko from Ternopil gave assists “from the bench”. Kamenchanin Bender earned a penalty for a saving goal at the end of the match. Which of these is the most important? We would have noted the Hare, but his goal did not become a winner, and he became a participant in a contraversion moment from the penalty spot. The remaining goals were either not decisive or did not save the teams. But the exit at the 72nd minute of the 20-year-old newcomer of Epicenter instead of Sten was decisive. Bender earned an 11-meter kick, which saved the hosts from defeat in the regional derby.

  • Sport Arena stats: 3 league games, 1 penalty earned.
Daniil Dmitriev, photo
The best young player of the tour – Daniil Dmitriev (Gornyak-Sport)

The 20-year-old midfielder replaced FSK Mariupol with Gornyak-Sport in the summer. And in the match with Metallurg, Dmitriev opened the scoring with his goals for the new team in official matches. Having received a pass from the depths, Daniil shifted and shot. Not the strongest blow was complicated by a rebound and the goalkeeper missed the ball in the near. Winning goal in an away match – what could be better for a newcomer?

  • Sport Arena stats: 3 league matches, 1 goal.
Tour goal – Andriy Riznyk (Nyva Ternopil → Nyva Buzovaya)

We have an aesthetic choice: a heel goal from the Khmelnytsky Vasilenko, a “panenka” from the Buzovite Sergiychuk, a juicy shot from the Poltava Shcherbak. However, the best among them is a long-range shot. Quoting the report: “Ternopoliane is about strong-willed qualities. Soon Borodenko, almost falling, pushed the ball to Riznyk, who was walking in a parallel course from the depth of the field, and from 25 meters he planted a handsome goal.

The goal can be seen on the video from 7:42

Hero of the 3rd round of the first stage of the First League. Illustration
Hero of the tour – Ruslan Dedukh (Left Bank)

Read later on our website an interview with a player who scored himself and twice assisted teammates in a match against his former team.

  • Sport Arena stats: 3 league matches, 1 goal, 2 assists.

ALL THE BEST ON THE TOUR: goalkeeper, joker, young player, goalscorer – in one article. On our website – individual nominations in the First League and the numbers of the tour!

PS When preparing the material, photographs of the official resources of the clubs were used. The material is written by the author in Ukrainian.

Source: Sportarena

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