Venice, Vanoli: “Spezia is a strong team led by a very good coach”

Venice, Vanoli: “Spezia is a strong team led by a very good coach”

On the eve of the race against spices in Coppa Italia, at home Venice coach spoke at a press conference Paul Vanoli:

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“This will be the first official match of the season, we are working hard and well. This month at the training camp we tried different things at the tactical level, especially in defense, and tomorrow we have to give our best, as I always tell the boys. The still open market, of course, scares me, you never know who might leave and who might come. In the final phase of last year, we were able to create mechanisms that allowed us to play smoothly, but obviously in this phase of change we are still working on trying to get back to that level of play. Last season we managed to understand what our goal was and we achieved it well, today we lost some players and gained others, but we still had to change something tactically during the preparation.
Spezia is a strong team that has purposefully intervened in the market by buying some important players and keeping some of the last Serie A championship under a really good manager. Tomorrow there will definitely be pitfalls and difficulties that we will have to face as a team, fighting and sacrificing ourselves for every ball.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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