“Don’t tell me that again”: Arturo Vidal is indignant at the reproach of a Colo Colo fan

“Don’t tell me that again”: Arturo Vidal is indignant at the reproach of a Colo Colo fan

The Athletico Paranaense midfielder responded to a white supporter who criticized him for not specifying his return to the Cacique.

Arturo Vidal usually responds to his detractors. The midfielder uses social media constantly and usually receives rave reviews. However, on occasion, he also receives messages from people who express their dissatisfaction with certain situations. When that happens, the midfielder doesn’t shut up and responds.

On this occasion, the footballer had a tense exchange with a Colo Colo fan. The discussion took place via Twitch, a platform that the national team has been using since the start of 2023 and where they can have a much more direct interaction with their followers. They comment and Vidal reads their reviews.

After the draw between albos and pirates, the former Inter Milan player appreciated the level displayed by the cast of aurinegro. “It’s still difficult Coquimbo, they have a good team, apart from they are warriors,” said the former Bayern Munich. However, he was outspoken when it came to predicting who would win the national championship. “Colo Colo are going to be champions, they have to be calm, we are the best,” he said.

After his sentence, the discussion came. Team follower Pedrero has blamed Vidal for choosing to continue in Brazil, following his media exit from Flamengo. In his opinion, the former Juventus player was ungrateful for the training he had at the Cacique, as he postponed a possible return to Chilean football. This comment did not please Vidal. “I never forgot that I left friend Colo Colo,” he replied.

“I represented it everywhere, don’t tell me that anymore” , emphatically added the current midfielder of Athletico Paranaense. On more than one occasion, the La Roja player has expressed his intention to return to Chile at some point in his career but, at 36, that’s nowhere near happening.

Arturo Vidal played a key role in the duel against Bolivar for the Copa Libertadores.
Arturo Vidal, playing for Athletico Paranaense.

repetitive attitude

Arturo Vidal’s exchanges on the web are constant. When he was at Flamengo, the Chilean did not let go of the comments of Rio fans who were not happy with his performance. “Your physique, your football, your looks, your haircut, the color, no longer match your age. Please! Get away already! You are the toxic girlfriend who does not know when to stop” , a surfer once told him.

This annoyed the king, who did not hesitate to answer. “I got the mean person, stupid clown,” the national football player wrote. It was one of his last controversial moments while still wearing the Rio de Janeiro team jacket.

Of course, there were others, the loudest of the beginning of the year and that, precisely, also involved the team of Pedrero. “Anything can happen. If Colo Colo wants to fight for the Copa Libertadores let them come find me and we’ll go,” he said on Twitch. It fell badly at all levels of the red and black team. Even the most adamant fans were calling for his release. Finally, it happened several months later and in a very different context.

Despite everything, on this occasion, Vidal had to retract. “I have always done flamenco. I love Flamengo and I always want to be there,” he posted just days after offering himself to the national team.

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