Manuel Pellegrini is delighted at his debut: “We were superior to a great team; victory is very important in the spirit”

Manuel Pellegrini is delighted at his debut: “We were superior to a great team;  victory is very important in the spirit”

The engineer highlighted his team’s triumph at the start of a new season in the Spanish league, stressing that games against rivals like Villarreal “are six points away”. Likewise, he praised Isco’s performance and clarified that Claudio Bravo’s injury – which kept him out of the squad against the groguets – is not a problem.

happy and satisfied Manuel Pellegrini after This Sunday his side Real Betis will debut with an away win against Villarreal at the start of La Liga in Spain.

After the atrocious 2-1 victory against the Yellow Submarine, the Chilean coach said that “It was a very good game for us. where in the first half we converted the goal and were superior in the arrivals. Villarreal hardly caused us any damage ”.

However, he later added that “in the second half they had more possession at one point because we had done a great job of winning the ball back in the opposite half in the first half. They had more possession but only set balls hurt us where they had the goal and some other opportunities, but with the latest changes we regained possession and had a very clear chance from Willian José with a header and then had another until it finally ended in the winning goal ”.

Likewise, the engineer added that “in the last fifteen minutes they also felt the strain and I think, Generally speaking we were superior to a big team playing on the road “, he underlined.

In this sense, he underlined the victory since “These are six-point games because, in what has been the reality of previous years, with Real Sociedad, (Athletic) Bilbao and Osasuna, we were the ones who fought for those European places, so start to winning here against a big A rival like Villarreal is very important for us in terms of spirit.” .

The national trainer also took the time to highlight the work of isco one of Betis’ additions for this season and which has been one of the showpieces for the Verdiblancos: “I had already seen him in training and I had known him for ten years. That’s why I insisted so much on taking it back. When I spoke with him I had no doubt that he wanted a rematch and the great merit of being here is the effort to leave aside the economic part to show that he is in force, and today he fully demonstrated it on the pitch.” .

It is of another quality . He’s physically whole and hasn’t suffered any injuries, so there’s no reason why at 31 he shouldn’t be the same player as before. I am very happy for him, for the club and it only remains to congratulate him,” he said.

Finally, Pellegrini mentioned the other Chilean in the team, the goalkeeper bravo claudio absent this Sunday due to injury: “He has a soleus problem, but it’s not a big problem so hopefully he will recover in a week or two.” he concluded.

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