Athletistic/ Football. Last weekend, the RPL fourth round matches took place. The final match opposed CSKA to Sochi. It took place in Moscow at the VEB Arena stadium on Sunday 13 August. Many expected an interesting game. However, the first half brought no goals. But the second half of the hosts appeared more productive. In many ways, this was facilitated by the fact that the people of Sochi remained in the minority. Marcelo Alves was sent off in the 47th minute.

In the 53rd minute, CSKA took the lead with an own goal from Luka Djordjevic. Ivan Oblyakov served from a corner, Kirill Nababkin broke away from the keeper and hit the goal into touch, and the ball flew into the net after a rebound from Luka Djordjevic.

In the 77th minute, Sochi equalized. The goal was scored by Miguel Silveira. Ivan Ignatiev paused and made a penetrating pass into the penalty area, Silveira ran and sent the ball past Torop.

In the 89th minute, CSKA managed to regain the lead after a corner. This time, Anton Zabolotny stood out. Ivan Oblyakov crossed into the goalkeeper area from a corner, Anton Zabolotny ran and shot with his head. The ball, after a slight bounce from Christian Noboa’s header, flew into the net of Anton’s namesake, Nikolai Zabolotny.

Towards the end, 17-year-old CSKA defender Mikhail Ryadno scored. Konstantin Kuchaev made a pass to the penalty area from the flank, Adolfo Gaich struggled and Ryadno ambushed the rebound and delivered a magnificent blow to the far nine – Nikolai Zabolotny did not reach the ball.

Thus, CSKA won with the score 3:1. The army team scored nine points and took third place in the RPL standings. CSKA fans reacted to their team’s victory. They left comments in the official red-blue community in Vkontakte.

Vladislav Muschinin:

– Incredible victory. Ryadno at the time of the season opener, God forbid, to continue playing as well.

Football fever:

– Zabolotny genius, helped in a difficult moment. Ryad usually amazes with their level of play. Sochi played hard, really sorry for Kirill Glebov.

Valery Ogaev:

– Even after the victory I will say. Zabolotny at the start – NO. Torop – go on loan to gain exactly TRUST! You can see that there is no trust between the Axis and the defender. For this reason, everyone plays nervously. In a row – continue playing in the base. In confidence at such a young age, he looks like 17-18-year-old Dzagoev.

Pavel Kuprin:

– Zaba – the lifeline of CSKA, and Ryadno – an excellent change is developing.

Katerina Rybin:

– Wood is wood. Row just fire!!! Guys, but it was impossible to relax in the majority, Torop is still not a level, there is something to struggle with! Sochi’s second bums – footwork, not a ball. With victory!!

Yaroslav Pyatikh, Athletistic

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