Mudrik spoke about the pressure on himself after the move to Chelsea

Mudrik spoke about the pressure on himself after the move to Chelsea

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The midfielder of the Ukrainian national team spoke about the problems after the transfer to the London club.

Mikhail Mudrik struggled after moving to London Chelsea. The winger of the Ukrainian national team said this. According to him, the main pressure on him came from the fans, and he was not ready for it.

According to the football player, ordinary people also do not realize what problems professional athletes face.

“I mean, people often don’t understand the pressure that professional athletes face. And the more interesting and popular the sport, the more pressure there is, because more people are watching it, knowing it and staying current on the latest news.

Many ordinary people do not understand. They think playing football is just getting on the field and running for 90 minutes. They don’t see much reason.

And in general, I am silent about some of your individual problems that you may face yourself in your life. But that’s a different story, I don’t want to complain now about any problem, something else. I just want to say that people are better off judging someone or something than putting themselves in someone else’s shoes.

With the pressure I’m facing here… I don’t even know what it compares to, because every step you take is monitored, every breath you take. You can only look in the wrong direction – someone will already make a video about it or say something and advertise on your behalf. Like, look what he’s doing.

It even just started with the fact that when I first arrived, they found my videos. The first video is where I was 15 years old, the other two years ago, where we sang a song. They made me a racist… I came to another country, everything is difficult and it just starts with finding some videos.

Before that, everything was fine, but when I moved, Chelsea became abnormal. And there are many such examples. You know it’s coming. While the team has poor results and it’s all one-on-one…

It is very difficult to separate from all this, because every day there is something new: either you play football the wrong way, or you are a racist, or they find some video on tiktok and say: “How can the amazing be worth this one. a hundred million?”

He didn’t complain to anyone about the hate, he didn’t say anything, but people believed that writing “I want you to die”, “Ignore my eye” was normal. Many things.

It’s the first time you’ve been to a stadium like the Emirates. There are a lot of fans there, some tens of thousands, they are booing you. What have I done? They were in the club and moved to Chelsea? What have I done to these fans? They were just booing,” the winger said. Chelsea in an interview on the Bombardier YouTube channel.

Remember, earlier it became known that Mikhail Mudrik changed his game number Chelsea.

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