Athletistic/Football. Former Dynamo and Lokomotiv striker Dmitry Bulykin shared his opinion on the suspended sentence imposed by the Russian Football Union on former CSKA and Rubin coach Leonid Slutsky. Previously, the organization imposed a one-year conditional suspension on the specialist due to his statements against a journalist, whom he called a “19-year-old moron.”

“Slutsky has long moved from football to show business and lives by rules that are almost non-existent there. There is nothing to discuss here, but you need to respect everyone and behave respectfully. Otherwise, football could turn into a kind of media circus, and there would be fights all over the world.

Have I ever experienced similar situations with provocations from fans? Certainly. It happens to everyone. Some may not be in a good mood, others may be disappointed after losing. During a conversation, you can say something harsh, but not so harsh that it destroys the other person. We all understand that everyone is doing their job and trying to generate interest,” Bulykin quoted Euro-Futbol.Ru as saying.

  • Mostovoy harshly criticized Slutsky, suspended from football for a year

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