Athletistic/Football. Gennady Orlov expressed his thoughts on Spartak Moscow’s performance and expressed his criticism of the team’s midfielder Roman Zobnin.

“The team does not have a stable core, like for example Zenit, where most of the players are mainly Brazilians. This is the group of players who regularly achieve results. Spartak does not have such a group . Promes can stand up. “He gets knocked out in one game and in the next game he comes on the field and plays completely different. Physically, he is not in the best physical shape, he does not train enough. While Babic left a big impression on me! I saw him play for the Serbian national team. It must be considered as the basis of defense. Compared to Babich, Dzhikia is second best. Therefore, Spartak managed to find a good defender, but they need to look for more. They need to develop their players or acquire new ones.

Spartak has both the opportunity and the means, as it often makes purchases. But selection work has been carried out unsatisfactorily in recent years. Who do they invite, for what positions? .. However, Spartak has young talents like Denisov, Litvinov, Khlusevich, Prutsev, Meleshin… You have to bet on them! Additionally, experienced players like Babich are needed. Because Sobolev and Promes do not help defend their goal, they rarely approach their own penalty area and usually participate in set situations. Compare with Zenit midfielders, who always return to their own half and actively fight for the ball in their own penalty area and even inside it. But “Spartak” does not have an intermediate field, while Zobnin plays there, nothing works,” Orlov was quoted as saying by RB Sport.

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