“Karpin’s advice is rather to ensure that footballers do not think that everything is fine in Russia” – Safonov

Goalkeeper of Krasnodar and the Russian national team Matvei Safonov told that people are wrong to condemn the head coach of the national team Valerie Karpina When advising players to go to Europe, the specialist’s main message was that in addition to the RPL, there are many different leagues in which they play a variety of football.

Previously, Karpin advised young footballers to leave and try themselves in foreign championships.

— Karpin urged footballers to go to Europe and try their hand there if they get the chance. For this, many were angry with him, saying he called for a weakening of the championship. How did you react to Valery Georgievich’s statement?

— I don’t think he called for weakening the championship. He encouraged people to try other environments if they had the chance. As for me, in Russia many people just stay in clubs, play and don’t aspire to go further. In Europe, there is a common philosophy that the more you play, the better your contract will be and the better you can move to a stronger league.

Therefore, Valery Karpin’s advice is more about ensuring that footballers do not think that everything is fine in Russia. Besides our country, there are many different leagues where a wide variety of football is played. The most important thing is that Valery Georgievich expressed his opinion. Why judge people for their honest personal thoughts? Personally, I can thank him for sharing his opinion. It’s cool for me to understand that a person is sincerely saying what they think. In my opinion, those who condemn him are wrong, I would not do that,” Safonov told .

Russian clubs and national teams do not participate in tournaments under the auspices of FIFA and UEFA due to suspension.

Source : MatchTV

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