Former FIFA referee Nikolaev answered the question whether Dzyuba should have received a yellow card for a torn T-shirt during the RPL match

Former FIFA referee Alexei Nikolaev believes the referee did not correctly give the attacker a yellow card “Lokomotiv” Artem Dzyuba for an episode of the 8th round match of the MIR RPL against “Orenburg” .

During the first half, Dzyuba tore his T-shirt. The episode occurred in the 32nd minute. During a stoppage in the match, the footballer left the field in emotion, tearing his already torn t-shirt. Eventually, Dzyuba finally tore off the fabric and threw away the T-shirt. Soon he received a new uniform and returned to the field.

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The replay showed that Dzyube’s T-shirt was initially torn during the fight by Orenburg footballer Mikhail Sivakov, who held his opponent with his hands.

— The equipment must be in good condition. Football players probably have 2-3 sets of uniforms for a game. There was a mistake, of course. When everyone saw that the T-shirt was torn, he rightly sent Dziuba to change the T-shirt. Does this deserve a yellow card? It is rather a question for the club management, how the player reacted to the jersey. There were no actions here that could have provoked anyone, so there is no need to talk about a yellow card here, ”Nikolaev said in the program “The Rules of the Game” on MATCH PRIME.

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Source : MatchTV

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