Cherchesov promised to stop Dzyuba’s media activity if he ever trains him again

Former head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov on , he promised to end the media activity of Lokomotiv striker Artem Dzyuba if he coaches him again.

Cherchesov worked for the Russian national team in 2016-2021; with the national team he reached the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup, but at EURO 2020 he could not leave the group. During these tournaments, Dzyuba scored four goals (three in the World Cup and one in the European Championship).

— Artem Dzyuba relaunched his career thanks to the 2018 World Cup. Do you communicate, do you follow him?

“Thanks to him he revived his career, because if he had played differently from the year before the World Cup, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. And he proved it with his game. And then he also proved his worth. And now we see in Lokomotiv what Artem Dzyuba is, when he is on the field and when he is not. It’s the same in the national team. It happens! The team depended on him. Miami is probably now dependent on Messi. There is no club or team that does not depend on the players. It doesn’t happen like that!

But now our contact is simple: a birthday, three goals scored for someone, something else. Congratulations to him. It’s clear that we don’t talk every day. I’m happy that it’s coming back into fashion, that it’s making a mark, I’m happy that it’s doing good. As for non-football, we don’t discuss it.

— What do you generally think of the media activity of an active footballer? Would you allow a player from your team…?

– No! I would say: “Focus on your work!” Don’t get distracted! Finish it and you will! We are not against a footballer running his own page or something else. And that [медийная активность] – it’s another job, you could say. I don’t think it serves any purpose. Moreover, we are not old-fashioned in this regard. You see, I have two phones. I watch too. We live in a normal world. Another thing is that a football player still needs to concentrate, especially at this level when you are a media player, when anyway they don’t let go of you because of football and you add something to it yourself . Either way, it distracts you.

If Artem hears us: “God willing, I will train you, you will not do that!” All!” – said Cherchesov on .

This season, 25-year-old Dzyuba has scored two goals and provided two assists in seven MIR RPL and FONBET Russian Cup matches.

Live broadcasts of RPL and Russian Cup matches can be watched on the and MATCH PREMIER TV channels, as well as on the and sites.

Source : MatchTV

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