Aliyev: The salary at Dynamo was 100 thousand euros, all my apartments were a million dollars each, I lost 110 thousand dollars in slot machines overnight

Ex-Dynamo football player admitted that he was a dollar millionaire, but did not want to invest in business

Ex-footballer Dynamo And Ukrainian national teamas well as some Russian clubs Alexander Aliev spoke frankly about how much he earned at the height of his career and what he spent on.

“Was I a dollar millionaire? Well, it was. Everywhere the salary was the same – in Lokomotiv, Dynamo and Anzhi. There is a little more in the locomotive, because there were bonuses for games. At Dynamo I had a specific salary. If Anzhi and I had remained in the major league and not been relegated, then I would have had twice as much salary.”

“I received 100 thousand dollars. I even received 100 thousand euros. The bonuses were good. When we lost to Shakhtar in the semi-finals [Кубка УЕФА], then for two games with Valencia the bonus was 45 thousand dollars. But there weren’t always games like this.”

“What did you spend it on? Casino, on things. I was a clothes maker. Of course, I looked at the price tags, but I spent a lot. I went to restaurants. I never counted money. Well, I had this disease – I played slot machines. It was like I lost 110 thousand dollars overnight.”

“I didn’t have a business. I could invest, but I understood that the money would simply disappear there. I bought apartments, one big one, she [жена] I just fucked up. All my apartments were worth a million dollars. Cars… There were five of them.”

Aliyev, born in Khabarovsk in 1985, moved from the Spartak Academy to the Dynamo Kyiv structure as a teenager. He played for the Kiev club (with breaks) until 2013, played a total of 132 matches, scored 30 goals. He scored 6 goals in 28 matches for the Ukrainian national team.

Source: Sportarena

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