Aliyev – about the help of the Rakitsky Armed Forces of Ukraine: I didn’t hear the word “no” from him, I asked him to make drones – he did everything for me

Ex-midfielder of the Ukrainian national team – about the Shakhtar player

Former midfielder of Dynamo, a number of Ukrainian clubs, as well as the Ukrainian national team, Alexander Aliyev, told how his surroundings changed after his career ended, and also admitted that Yaroslav Rakitsky actively helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the ranks of which Aliyev joined with the beginning of the full-scale military invasion of Russia.

“When Aliyev was on fire… Brother, matchmaker, let’s go and sit there, there… And when it got bad, then: “well, now I’m this,” “I’m this.” It didn’t happen all at once. Yes, and thank God. This is a lesson for me. Thank God that he gave me such a lesson: in terms of my ex-wife and in terms of communication.”

Who do I keep in touch with at Dynamo? I communicate with everyone I see. With Oleg Gusev, Yarmola. Zhora Bushchan was young then, now we communicate. I was just in Odessa, Dynamo was playing, I came to them, saw him. I didn’t say that we talk on the phone, but when we see each other, we talk. When I played, they called me San Sanych, and now they continue to do so. I don’t hide it, I’m pleased.”

I never asked anyone for anything. I can ask for the moment for the boys, for the army. Well, how to ask: offer. In this regard, many thanks to Yarik Rakitsky. He’s very helpful. Everything I asked for the boys from him, I didn’t hear the word “no”. I’m not impudent, but he never refuses. I asked him to make a drone – he did everything for me. I asked for a uniform for the boys – I did it. He will always be happy to respond and help. I never lie, I make a report. He says: “No need.” But I can’t do that: I have to report on what the money was spent on. But it’s all for the boys.”

Aliyev, born in Khabarovsk in 1985, moved from the Spartak Academy to the Dynamo Kyiv structure as a teenager. He played for the Kiev club (with breaks) until 2013, played a total of 132 matches, scored 30 goals. He scored 6 goals in 28 matches for the Ukrainian national team.

Source: Sportarena

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