“In Croatia, every year young players appear, whose names begin to resonate louder and louder over time” – Zenit physical trainer

New physical trainerZenith “Croatian Aris Naglich said in an interview with that his country’s football team successfully participates in the World and European Championships thanks to a good system of training players, starting from childhood.

The Croatian specialist joined Zenit’s coaching staff in July.

The Croatian national team is a runner-up at the 2018 World Cup in Russia and a bronze medalist at the 2022 World Cup.

— What, in your opinion, is the phenomenon of Croatian football, where great players are not transferred over generations and the national team is constantly afloat?

— Extraordinary talents are not found in all the countries of the former Yugoslavia. This is a huge number of gifted children who express themselves, realize their qualities and become famous athletes. If we talk about past times, it seems to me that in Yugoslavia, as in the Soviet Union, there was a very good system of training children, starting from school age, and then selectively selecting the best.

Nowadays, without intensive work in this direction, there is nowhere either. But if you don’t have talent, unfortunately you won’t reach a high level just by hard work. In the same Croatia, young players appear every year, whose names begin to sound louder and louder over time. Take Joško Guardiola, Josip Šutalo, Roko Baturina… At the same time, 4 million people live in Croatia. And for such a large number of people, there is always a wealth of talent.

— Did you watch the Russia-Croatia match during the 2018 World Cup?

– Yes! We were at the training camp with Rijeka and, of course, we watched. It must be said that the match turned out to be stressful, I was very worried (smiles). But two years before, there was also a very difficult match in Split, where Croatia won 1:0.

In general, in the entire history of the sports confrontation between Russia and Croatia, it seems to me that there were many great matches – not only in football, but also in basketball and in other sports. For me it has always been a fair fight, with opponents who respect each other on the field,” Naglich told .

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Source : MatchTV

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