“It turns out that VAR is bad for our football today.” The President of Ural spoke about the appeal to the CES of the RFU regarding the episodes of the match with Krasnodar

President “Ural” Grigory Ivanov spoke about his appeal to the Expert Commission on Referees to the President of the Russian Football Union (ESK RFU) regarding controversial episodes after the 9th round match of MIR RPL against “Krasnodar” .

The meeting, which took place on Sunday in Krasnodar, ended with a victory for the home team with a score of 2:0. During the second goal of the Bulls, the referee team led by Vitaly Meshkov recorded an offside position for Krasnodar footballer Kevin Lenini, but after a prompt from the VAR, the chief referee reversed his decision and scored the goal.

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– Grigory Viktorovich, why did the club turn to the ESC regarding the controversial episodes of the match with Krasnodar – after all, the result cannot be changed?

— I would like such episodes to receive their evaluation. The main goal we want is for judges to interpret similar points in the same way. And if the judge made a mistake, he must be punished. After all, as they usually say: if offside is not obvious, you have to trust the linesman. In addition, there are now no more offside lines that would give one hundred percent confidence. Yes, the episode of the touched hand in the Krasnodar penalty area at the end of the match is ambiguous. But there was a blow in the hand! I don’t understand why there was no video screening. Remember the Cup match in Kazan in August. There was a glaring episode where referee Bobrovsky did not give an obvious penalty to Andrei Egorychev, and the VAR remained silent. The verdict in this case was delivered more than a month later: it is said that yes, the judge was wrong. But why did you have to wait so long and what will be the punishment? In the next round, the same referee acts as a reserve, and in the next round of the Cup, he judges again. How so ? Or take our home game against Fakel. Two identical episodes involving the same player (Silvie Begic). But in one case it’s a foul, and the goal against Fakel is canceled, and in the other, it’s not a foul, and it’s not a penalty in favor of Ural! The same episodes, but in one case VAR intervenes, and in the other not.

— What do you think is wrong with Krasnodar’s second goal?

— In general, VAR should not have intervened in this episode! A young boy is sitting somewhere, whom no one knows or sees, and is getting involved! For what? There was an obvious offside. Although some experts talk about Emmerson’s heel: they say it gave him an advantage over Kadi. Aren’t you funny? The referee cancels the goal, but there is an incomprehensible intervention from the assistant and the decision is changed. It turns out that today VAR is bad for our football!

— Skeptics will say: why be indignant, Krasnodar played better and would have won anyway. What will you answer them?

– It’s obvious: in football, there is no direct relationship between the game and the result. Yes, Krasnodar may have played better. Possesses more of the ball and shoots on goal. But that doesn’t mean he would definitely win. If there had not been a second goal from an offside position, the score would have remained 1:0, and that only concerns one episode. Thanks to the substitutions, we turned the situation around and we could have finally scored a goal – from the same handball penalty. Yes, in the first half we played badly. Maybe the road had an effect, maybe something else… I’m not looking for excuses for my team, but we fought and wanted to show a good match and a good result against the championship leader . But when the judges intervene…,” Ivanov said, as quoted by the Ural press service.

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