Spanish girl wears Vini Jr’s shirt and is the target of racism

Spanish girl is the target of racism from Atlético de Madrid fans, for wearing a shirt with Vinícius Júnior’s name, last weekend

Racial insults related to Vinícius Junior in Spain they don’t stop, and the criminals are once again fans of the Madrid’s athletic. Despite having become common in the capital’s classics, this time the target was a girl of just seven years old, who was wearing the shirt with the Brazilian’s name and was threatened with death, according to reports from her aunt.

I’ve been Atlético since I was born. They started singing “Vikingo no”, “monkey”, “preta de s***”. I didn’t know it was with us, I would never have imagined it was because of the girl. Until a guy approached, he hit me on the arm and said: “Get out of here or we’re going to kill this shitty child.” The insults and everything else is barbaric. Then you look and see a lot of people, a crowd pointing at the girl, insulting and cursing her.“, said the aunt to radio station “SER”, in Spain.

Following her interview, the girl’s relative also reported that the young woman has suffered from the consequences of the episode ever since. Episodes of anxiety have been frequent, despite the fact that she assured that she took her away from the ultras mattresses as quickly as she could. Both the woman and La Liga reported the incident to the authorities.

I was having a terrible anxiety attack. I got her out of there as quickly as possible while covering her shield and shirt. The first night (after the game), she woke up several times thinking they were after her. She had many nightmares. She doesn’t know why all that happened and she asked me not to take her back to a stadium again.“, he added.

Real Madrid and Atlético faced each other in the last round of La Liga (Credits: Getty Images)

Previously, Vinícius had already been the target of racism in Spain on some occasions, including with Atlético de Madrid, which saw its fans hang a doll of the player from a bridge, by its neck. Furthermore, fans of Valenceof Valladolid and others also insulted the player on other occasions.

Source: sportbuzz

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