Athletistic/Football. Zenit defender Mario Fernandez shared his opinion on excess weight in an interview with a Sport24 correspondent. Before joining the St. Petersburg club, reports emerged about the footballer’s weight problems.

On a scale of ten, I rate my fitness and health at nine, almost ten. I feel good. When I arrived, many lies were told. Of course, I was out of the game for 3-4 months. It’s no surprise that I couldn’t show my best game 100%.

But I didn’t pay attention to it. I knew my physical condition very well. I trained hard and then got back into shape through the matches and got back into shape pretty quickly. Now I continue to maintain my performance in order to help Zenit as much as possible in every match.

If you compare it with what it was 10 years ago, when I just moved to CSKA, of course the weight was a little less. It is normal that with age a man can gain a little weight, the parameters change (now Mario weighs 85 kg, when he played for CSKA – no more than 80 – approximately).

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