Segey Yuran said he resolved the conflict situation with Match TV commentator

The head coach “BET NN » Sergey Yuran On , he discussed a conflict situation with the channel’s commentator.

After the end of the third round of the MIR RPL against Krasnodar, lost to PARI NN with a score of 0:1, Yuran addressed the chief referee Artem Lyubimov and received a second yellow card in the match for unsportsmanlike behavior (demonstration of a gesture on a television screen).

— What match did you miss?

— With Akhmat (2:0). After Krasnodar. Because I showed that I looked on the tablet and there was a clear penalty.

—And you didn’t like the way our commentators talked about your possible resignation?

— I didn’t like that one of the bloggers said he knew if I lost it was my last match. And on the federal channel, ok, cable… It harms the image.

— Have you solved the problem?

“I called directly and just chatted.” It’s not a secret. Zhichkin commented. I have great respect for him, he does excellent reporting. I typed the original source. We talked. “He agreed that, most likely, it was impossible to say,” Yuran said on the show “Everyone for the Match” on .

IN THE WORLD RPL “PARI NN” scored 14 points in nine rounds and occupies seventh place.

Live broadcasts of the MIR RPL and FONBET Russian Cup matches can be watched on the and MATCH PREMIER TV channels, as well as on the and sites.

Source : MatchTV

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